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Looking for people to play with, please read all of post before replying

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So I'm going to be pretty wordy and specific because I prefer quality over quantity. Please read all of the post or don't bother responding or sending me a request at all.

Here is what I'm looking for:

1)Flexible, nice person. This is the most key part of being a good player. I can handle if you suck if you are willing and TRYING to get better. If you make an active effort to improve yourself I am okay with you not being the best player right now. Being someone who is flexible in strategy and is someone I dont want to strangle every time I play with them is far more important than being skilled at the game.

2)Having a somewhat competitive mindset and be trying to improve yourself constantly. If you are a nice guy but dont really have an interest in being super competitive and maybe winning isnt that important to you then I am not interested. I am not a carebear but at the same time I dont want to get into screaming matches with people on vent and skype. I want someone who is constantly examining their own play and making improvements and changes. I want someone who learns from their mistakes.

About me:
-1300 games played
-small amount of ranked experience
-own 42 or so champs
-have a base understanding of every champ in the game
-keep up on trends, strategies, builds, meta shifts and such

If you meet the 2 big requirements send me a friend request. I'll talk with you for a bit and we can try out a game or two. (I prefer normal games to test so I dont lose ranked elo, sorry) If we are a good match then great, if not no harm done.


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Well how i can se im the first one who will replay.
1st These two req you meet are preety interesting and unusuall for this kind of theam req.
ppl usual req skiled players or overranked kick ass players .
Well this is something new .
Things i can tell you abaut me im comfortable to play with i think i meet the req you set and that im your man . Add me my ingame nick is NemanjaKILLER . We can play a few games and you can decide if you wana take me or nt so reply asap so we can set talking to work .

And there is something abaut me
Lvl 30 palyed over 1k games (including ranked) im also nt so god at ranked solo quee ruined me cause of bad teamplayers i have to play with
i own every kind of a champion and i choose my hero carefully depending of ingame needs.
So i can play everything starting from a tank to a mana caster .

P.S. i can FREAKOUT some times BUT these SOMETIMES are really rear and when they come god help you and every1 who is in the chanel .But my freakouts only happend when i got masivily ksed like once soraka stealed from me 12 kills and i almost broke my comp and the second time i freaked out was when i got 5 champs in a tamfight low to under 100 healt and they all escaped and even killed me i stoped playing this game for like a month so my freakouts are really rare dont be afraid to play with me i think i ,,over growed ,, these things