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Heroes of Honor [ HoH ] Looking for players

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HoH - Heroes of Honor is an newly formed clan for League of legends US.
I am looking for mature people who have knowledge of this game.

About my Self.

I am 16year old guy from Norway, been playing League of legends for almost an year now, i have benn playing all kind of champions, and i know how to counter other champs. I have two level 30 accounts, one on EU server and one on US.
I am very activ and friendly guy, and started this clan because mainly im tierd of playing alone with other random people who dont know anything about team comp or items.

What you need to joining this clan is:

Level 30 account.
Atleast 250+ wins.
Skype, Maybe ventrilo later on if we get alot of members, and an working microphone.


Your ingame name:
Your total win/loss:
Your Age:
What role and wich champion u prefer:
Do you have microphone and skype, and if u are willing to download it:

Add me in game if you got anymore questions, or add me on skype (IGN: zukiz - Skype Name: Swinch2)