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Advanced Tristana?

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My beginning build is just like yours
zerkers boots
life steal
and cloak of agility if I have enough

This does very little damage at the beginning even with my 10% chance runes, I have just about 40% crit chance at the beginning. If your planning on ganking at this level then I highly suggest you get the llizard to do some substantial damage.

Towards the end I build a crit chance build with
zerkers boots
last wisper
phantom dancer
phange / frozen mallet (for survivability and slowing damage)

this is 90% with 10% runes and 3% from masteries. Thats more than enough c rit chance and has about 2.4 attack speed with your "q" at level 5

I don't see any great damage though until i build both infinity and last wisper. One thing I notice about some trist users is that they try to get ahead of a group and jump in to the other team. You should always stay behind a team, wait for them to initiate. Your gonna be doing damage from behind were you can't be touched. At the endgame don't use your ult for pushing people in, instead save it for saving team mates or for pushing that cocky udyr(new patch jerk udyr) who's got his eye on you.

The ult is great for dps like udyr and yi who need to get close because even though you push them away they will still try to close in while you get some free hits with your good range.

If you have a enemy fiddle or kat. use your ult to push there aoe away from a team aswell. This single move can win a team battle.

One last tip is to not get your "q" at the early levels, because it barely does anything at that level. Focus on your "e" "r" and get "W" to level 3 then go for "q". Of course it all depends on whether your hitting the towers earlier or something or depending on if your laning partner is a better farmer

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I prefer Starks as opposed to Malady.

What I do is start Vampiric Sceptor first. First port I grab boots+Emblem of Valor+a pre-req to phage if I can afford it.

From there I get Phage and then I grab pre-reqs to Bloodrazors. From there, I grab Starks Fervor and then the world is your oyster

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Awesome post EasymodeX. Very helpful and a great confidence booster, as well as being an amusing read.
Although I do feel a bit offended at being told I still used Training Wheels. =(
j/k xD
But I'm actually testing out playing without Phage now, and actually I'm finding that it is super effective to be able to buy BF. Sword way before anyone else does and really contributes to off-setting Tristana's mid-game weakness. So that's cool.

"L2 position to avoid most of this stuff, and you still have Rocket Jump so fail less and buy moar deeps"
My new motto. Tristana 4 lyfe. <3