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Normal/ranked game runes question

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Ok, so in a scenario like this :
btw, it never happened to me before, just asking

You have your runepage set up for your ranged DPS, both of them, one for Ashe, one for Kog'maw. You go into a game, but suddenly, someone takes Ashe and another takes Kog'maw, you ask them to change but they are the only champions they know how to play. So you're stuck running whatever runes you need for Ashe, Kog'maw, and you have to play a mage for the sake of team comp. What do you do? Do you just play with it, or queue dodge?

Oh yeah, I haven't used runes as much, but do they affect the game alot or a little bit because I don't see 32.4 health quintessences helping that much, but thats in my opinion.

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One option is to purchase additional rune pages.

That said, you should never have your only two rune pages filling the same role. Playing Kog with your Ashe page, or Ashe with your Kog page won't be a big deal, so build a page that tends towards your favorite/more likely pick; you can also just hybridize your page so that it works with both effectively (APen, scaling mp5, cdr/scaling MR, HP). Your other rune page you can set up for tank/mage/support/offtank, whichever you feel is your next best role/champion, and let your team know during ranked who you are comfortable playing.

At level 30 you have three quintessence slots, using flat health quints that's nearly 100 extra health to start the game. Consider this on a champion who starts with ~450 health normally, you can increase your health by 50% by getting health quints and a doran's item.

Runes and masteries aren't the be all end all of the game, but they're especially significant during early game before you have the items and levels to make up for a sub par build. They also allow for extra customization of your champion, allowing you to cater to your play style without changing your item build too much.

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Usually people with few rune pages don't specialize them and go for more generic rune pages, such as one for DPS and one for casters. In your case, you should learn other champions that are similar to Ashe, such as Tristana. I don't know what type of Kog'Maw you play, so you might want to pick up other champions that can use a similar rune page. Learning more champions not only extends you understanding of the game, but also greatly helps your team as you can fill the roles it needs when necessary.

As for runes, the greatest advantage it gives you is early game, so three 32.4 health quints give you almost 100 health, which can allow you to buy an item that goes towards your build instead of a Doran's item for the stats. Runes give you approx 8% extra power, and it is mostly limited to early game. They are not meant to be game breaking.