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Stealth assasins

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Iam tired of the same thing in almost all games.The dominance of the assasins.People always crying and asking for nerfs and such things but noone tries to counter them.Here are some tips for new players:

1)The assasins seek mostly battles 1vs1 or 2vs1 so they can gang u or have u outnumbered.Also,they attack the weaker enemies or those who are at low hp.As hunters they seek to kill the most weak victim.So quit question all the time " why always me?" Its not they have something personal with u its just that u die more easily than the others so its pretty logical to come after you and not the others.U would do the same thing if u were them.

Solution:Avoid going out there alone.Stick with your team.Dont stay far away from them.And dont ever stay if u are very low on hp.If u are with your teammates the chance is that even an assasin kills u your team will kill him as well,so it will be 1 for 1.

2)Iam with my teammate vs 2 enemies and while we battle an assasin comes from nowwhere so we lose both...

Solution: Can happen many times.Buy wards.Spending 150 of your previous gold for only wards?Do u know how much gold u lose when u are dead all the time ?Think it either way.The power of an assasin lies to his stealth ability to gang better than the others.Eliminate this ability and he wont be much of a threat to you.Better than just crying and dying huh?

3)We go to kill an enemy and we lose all cause its an ambush.Pretty typical.The clever assasins use stealth to observe the areas too,not just to kill enemies.While u wait to gang an enemie u dont see the assasin but he has seen u and with him the rest of his team.So,who gangs who?When assasins play,consider thinking before gang an enemy because chances are he looks like being alone but is he really alone?You cant be sure.

Solution: Look at the minimap of the game.If you see many enemies missing,especially assasins then u better not go.If not,then u can kill him.Being the bait for the enemies is a very classic trap.A whole team can lose to that and i have seen it many times.

4)If all the others fail or dont go as u excected then we go to the final plan.

Solution: Get oracle.Stick with your team.Dont go into woods.Just push,only push.Stay into the lanes.To be more sure buy some wards and place them left and right.This has worked always for me as long the assasins didn get overfeeded till then.If you need time,money or more xp u can stick close to your towers for some time to grow stronger.But dont be too late to push out of your base.

Most assasins out there play clever.But their success relies mostly in your mistakes,not their playing style.Also,they are weak in team battles as they prefer to have the enemy outnumbered.And they cant do much if u see them.So,combine all these together,coop with the rest of your team and u ll see that when u know how to face such a threat u ll wish to have easy enemies like these.