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Chemosh's Alistar Guide of Doom

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So I'm not going to put all the stat stuff for him in here because it can change from patch to patch so I'll link you their website stuff for his stats. Plus if you need to know what they do, this guide probably isn't for you.

So let's talk about him, what is his role?

Alistar has 3 roles that I see in a game.
-Early ganking (He's probably one of the best hero's to gank with a good lane mate up until lvl 6-8)
-AE Stun to avoid epic ult's. Nobody likes a Fiddle/Kat/Warrick/etc ults... So use those well timed AE Stuns to make them waste it.
-Staying alive.

My Rune book is being built this way.
- Marks all static hp (will give you about 30)
- Seals all dodge
- Glpyhs all cooldowns
- Quints all static hp (will give you about 100)

Masteries: This is your call on it, I'm torn between the HPs on defense and the utility tree (which i normally go with) for the cooldown / clarity buff
-My current build is 0/9/21

Summoner spells: Flash / Clarity - I can't find a better combo

Skills and how/when I get them
Level 1) Stomp (always get it first, it's a easy stun for tough situations and it helps to do what I love best - early creeping with your lane mate before laning)
Level 2) If I'm 90% > health and so is teammate I'll go headbutt, if not I go heal (last heal I get until I have ot get it)
Level 3) Whatever I didn't take at level 2 (should have 1 of each skill by now)
Level 3 is where I try to start ganking. Start by letting them get close to tower, then do a quick flash, stomp, run behind them and butt them to the tower, mean while your lanemate is unloading on them. Unless they have flash and a decent lanemate it's almost always death.
Level 4+) Get Stomp when it's up and Epic when you can, but when you can't get those get headbutt.

How do I get gold since I'm playing a char that can't farm?

You will need to get a LOT of gold by killing players (hope 2-3) in the first few minutes of the game in your lane) this will be your saving grace for item builds. What I normally do is hit creeps a few times, get them to about half life, then wait to last hit them to get a kill shot, took me a few games but you can get the hang of it.

1.) Mana Manipulator - I try to avoid laning with people w/o mana pools. Also if you can lane with people who really need mana (Heim/Kar/etc)
2.) Boots of Speed -> Boots of Swiftness +3 run speed (ASAP a fast cow is a good cow)
3.) Soul Shroud (finish the mana manipulator off) the +health and -cooldown is great on cow that gives you about 1 more second less on your stomp.
4.) After that I normally go Sunfire then a Warmog if I can afford to, but that usually ends the game for me by about this time.

Try to avoid going to town very often, I tend to avoid going back until I know I can get my next big item. Stay alive, use the ult to run past towers for kills if you need to since it's got a pretty quick cooldown. Remember don't be shy it's your ability to start fights and to stay alive.

Also remember it's your fault if you rlanemate dies (unless he's just dumb) keep him healed, even if you have to run by him to heal. Keep hihm up at all cost, because you're super hard to kill. The clarity spell will be awesome with the mana manipulator as you'll almost NEVER run out of mana.

Enjoy and would love any feedback.