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Would like some Master Yi advice

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This will probably be the last topic I make on this board, considering I seem to be becoming quite a bit better at LoL in general, but I'm still stuck on one thing most of the time:

I play Master Yi, as I've learned I like him a lot and am quite good at him, but for some reason I cannot seem to do well at the beginning of a game. I know he's a carry style player so he's not meant to do so well at the beginning, but I would like to know some basic tips for him.

Thus far I've figured out I like the Lifesteal build the best, as it allows for maximum killing later on at lvl 16 on because he does so much damage that only players who put a lot of work into attack damage or ability power (200+) can keep up with how much Yi can drain at 65% drain with Highlander and Wuju Style active. (Plus the bonus damage and Unique Aura that the Stark's Fervor I use helps with not only my own abilities, but others who are around as well)

So I would like to ask for some other tips and hints for Master Yi for the beginning game.

TL;DR - Anyone have any good hints and tips for Master Yi during early game times.

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Some tips to keep in mind early:

1 - If you use Alpha Strike to harass early, make sure to count the number of enemy minions in the lane. If there are 4 or less, AS will hit the enemy champs even if you target a minion. This keeps you from putting yourself in a bad position when the AS ends by targeting a champ.

2 - Don't attack an enemy champ unless your double-hit is ready to proc.

3 - My god does Yi need mana!! I almost always go Clarity on him even though I know I shouldn't. Makes his early game so much more bearable....

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If you have a legitimate question that isn't about fully min/maxing every aspect of a team, feel free to ask it. We'll let you know if you start getting away from the spirit of this forum, but as long as it's in earnest it will likely be fine.