According to most of my friends-

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Shaco... Shaco is the best example anyone can ever use.

Because you can see Shaco's orange smoke puff when he blinks, even in a bush, you can see shaco coming. With your screen locked you cannot see that puff unless you happen to be within view of the bush. The minimap does not have a "orange puff" icon so it will not help you.

So you ARE in fact missing some things by not moving your camera around, or playing locked, than those who play unlocked.

tl;dr - you can more easily avoid being ganked by playing unlocked.

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Recap time of everything people said before that is correct:
- Some champions need unlocked camera to be played at their full potential (Ashe, Ez, Shen, Panth, Kassadin, Lux, MF)

- You waste precious time holding your button to look over the map

- You are wasting 50% of your vision, while you're being a mage/ranged AD, you don't need to see what's behind you, unless you're doing it wrong off course
(IMO the most important reason)

- time spent running to a lane should be spent observing the situation there.

-minimap doesn't give you enough information to allow for proper decisions.