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Item builds for Twitch

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Senior Member


brawler's glove + hp + mana pot
avarice blade + boots 1
berserker's boots + vampiric scepter
executioner's calling
infinity edge (bf sword > agility cloak > pick axe)
phantom dancer (zeal > agility cloak)
black cleaver (you can sell avarice blade before you build this)
last whisper / starks / blood thirster (tank heavy / phys heavy and no one has it / for all else)

You should have max AS with either ambush or SnP buff. Your as is a little overkill if you have both active, but that's okay.

You'll probably be outlaned for the first 15 minutes or so. Once you get your BF sword, you're pretty much set in team fights.

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what runes would you get for twitch? +HP or dodge? (YELLOW)