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Saint Lunareus



League of Legends is a really interesting game in my opinion since it lets you choose a character and customize your masteries and rune pages to make them work differently. Customization is key to anything I would suppose, since it offers the greatest variety in play style.

However, I also thought it would be interesting if customization went a bit deeper, say to the summoner. Lots of online games or websites have avatars that allow for customization on profiles and whatnot, it would be interesting to have that sort of ability in LoL. Maybe even have some sets of the summoners equipment or gear that add miscellanea effects to the game like extra-particle effects on auto attacks or allow for augmentation to the effects of summoner spells. i.e. Clarity can boost your MP5 passively by and extra 3 or Clairvoyance can detect stealthed wards. Something small and nice but not game breaking? I know the game is a "MOBA" and the summoners are mostly just for story line purposes, but it'd be neat if they felt more like part of the game. Summoner spells feel more mandatory for a few champions I play, and at that point, it doesn't feel like much of an extension.

Customizations like the rune page and masteries are what really make the game more interesting to me, even more so since all champions only have four basic abilities without the inclusion of summoner spells. Rather than more skills, I like the augmentation of a few awesome skills. I think these are what gives LoL the advantage in depth over HoN, DotA, probably DotA 2, and SotIS.

It could also offer for another set of things to buy from the store with IP/RP and it would allow us to have more interesting portraits when in the lobby and whatnot.

Just a suggestion, I currently really enjoy masteries and runes and really applaud Riot for the genius of implementing them! I for one have more initiative to play since I can do more than buy champions with IP, I like runes a great deal. :'D To bad they didn't have masteries you could unlock like that... or maybe that's another suggestion?

I have so many suggestions as to things that could be done with a system like this, but I'd rather get feedback to see if other people like it first rather than wasting time on something that people see as to complicated or over all useless.

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Senior Member


There's already a mastery for the clarity spell, so are you looking for more aestitec or more gameplay changes? Honestly I don't want the customization to be THAT complicated or else it removes the simplicity from LoL which kinda makes changing masteries/runes manageable to do on the fly (not perfect, but manageable.)

Besides, IP masteries would kinda hurt the balance of the game, or at least make it quite hard to balance in the first place.