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[Guide] Warwick, the Tank Slayer

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So, who wants to experiment for me? I'm trying a variation of my build, 9/0/21 masteries, blood razor first, zerker boots (merc on CC heavy), Exec's Call (unless there's 0 heal and lifesteal, then malady), Wits End, and then it's sort of by choice. I've gone Atma's and that boosts me up to 189 damage at 18 with armor, and magic resist from the Wit's, making you a little thicker, or a Frozen Malet to watch them crawl away from you while you maul their spines.

Bonus damage is nice, but the main focus is attack speed with on-hit proc items. Exec's is 18% lifesteal that will keep you going, and you'll destroy or atleast even the playing field on any other lifestealing DPS. Bonus resists and armor help to keep you alive while you close the distance, and the bonus mana regen, attack speed, and lower summoner cooldowns are oh so nummy. I'll be running it for a while myself to test it under a few situations, but want to see what others think of it.

Math makes it so one ult will be 20% of their max health, applies healing debuff, if they have mana (95% of champs) close to 300 magic damage from Wits, then hungering strike for an additional 20%.. that's some owness!

Edit: Also, swap quints and marks for attack speed instead of crit, makes jungling a little less based on chance, along with buying cloth armor, and 3 health pots instead of 2. This will let you clear the neutral creeps twice without having to BP at all, and get your razor in 1 shop. Runes will also make it so after your core items, you'll have 2.0+ attack speed, leaving your buff to aid your team at just the right moment.

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My personal item build is this:

Boots of speed---> Mercury Threads
Blood Razor
Frozen Mallet
Sword of Divine

After this I pick Black Cleaver or Last Wisper, but game usually ends after the sword.

Summoner abilities: Rally (improved) and Ghost (improved as well)/Flash - This depends on my team.

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you need to update your guide man,

okay, A) If the enemy team is at your golem, they arent in lane..nothing says you have to be dumb by engaging the golem with the enemy team there....this should be self evident = your lane mates win..

B) all you need is attack speed runes..thats it..start with 38% atk speed.

C) Kill your little golem/wolf camp by taking hungering strike and a vamp scepter

D) Smite big golem and take W when you pop lvl 2.

E) Use flash to escape if you run into someone

F) Once youve gotten your golem try to work your way towards the opposing golem and take it as well.

G) get boots

H) at lvl 4 you can do Lizard buff and then start a gank on somone by flashing in W, Q = death if you have a decent team

I) continue jungle pattern as long as possible with Golem/lizard buffs..very important to steal these from your opposition as well. INCREASED BUFF TIME from utility is golden here
J) Turn vamp scepter into Bloodthirster. What you build after boots/BT is team dependant.


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That's my build. It helps offset the fact that warwick sucks in teamfight by making him absorb alot more dmg. If you finish that set, you'd have close to 3.8k hp with good nuke resistance. bloodrazors deals mdmg and cleaver increases physical, warwick doesn't really need extra lifesteal with hungering and passive + warmogs gives a major hp regen boost. warwick's also the best jungle controller(can kill fiddle and shaco that has no jack boxes up even if he can't/shouldn't lizard/golem at L1)

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Thanks a ton for this guide. It inspired me to give Warwick a try today and it's been a blast.

In 6 games with him, I have yet to post a negative K/D ratio (including a game in which I went 16/0/4), which is quite impressive for a newbie like me, since I've been stinking the whole place up with some of the other heroes. Warwick suits my play-style perfectly and listening to the opposing team whine about how "OP" Warwick is when I rip their faces off is a great feeling.

My personal item build is:

- Madred's Bloodrazor
- Boots (usually Boots of Speed, but I do use Mercury's if the opposing team has a lot of CC)
- Atma's Impaler

From there, it depends on how the game is going. If I'm getting focused a lot, I'll go for a Frozen Mallet. If I need more damage, I'll usually go for a Phantom Dancer (the dodge and movement speed are nice), Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge (if I'm fed) or Wit's End (nice for ensuring low mana champions can't do anything against you).

Side note: Has anyone experimented with the Boots of Mobility? I tried them in a game today and had a blast with them. When you're OOC and Blood Scent pops, Warwick's run speed is crazy. They were great for quickly moving around the map and jumping out of bushes for a gank before anyone could even react, but I found them lacking when I needed to run away.

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Yes, an update will be coming, don't worry, just flushing out details and dealing with other RL joys. Mobo boots are quite nice, and could be traded out later in the game, but the zerker speed is needed IMO until you get more attack speed items.

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Pendulous Fall



I'm going

Cloth Armor + 2 HP
Long Sword
Madreds Razor
Zerker Boots
Madreds Bloodrazor
Executioners Calling
Wit's End
Last Whisper

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I'll have to disagree with the guide for the cc ability. The leap/ Infinite Duress/ w.e. it counts as a cc as it does stun or neutralize a single target, but by no means is a good in a group battle situation but none less he does have one.


-No escape mechanisms, depends purely on lifesteal for survival.
-[color= red No CC /color] or AoE, making group encounters difficult.

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I tried at some point a "mage warwick" and it worked great
While you are a bit weaker "early game", once you hit lvl8-10 you're much more devastating.

Yellow Dodge
Blue/Red/Quint : Magic Pen

Total : 19.53 MPen & 6.75 Dodge
With a 21/0/9 Built

I also find Zerker Boots Horrible. Mercury or Swiftness are good. Sorcerer's are Ideal.

Now you'll say "MPEN on Warwick L2P Noob" but think a bit on this.
Q=Magic Ulti=Magic Madred=Magic Wit's End=Magic

All of your "burst dmg" is magical....

People usually run around with 30-80MR reducing a LOT your dmg.
Getting 40MPen will drastically help your damage output.

As for the build i used :
1° MPen Boots
2° Madred's
3° Wit's End
Then if possible
4° Arch Angel's Armor
5° Black Cleaver
6° Starks

Why ?

Lets assume you have the 3 core items Madred+Wits and you combo someone (Ulti+Q) with 130AD

Ulti : 5x(130x0.33+80) = 614.5
Q : 20% Hp
BR : 24% HP
Wits : 42x5 Drain = 210

Thats 44% HP + 825dmg of MAGICAL damage....
After you will also do 4% (80+hp on lvl18) + 42 per HIT which is also magical.
Reduced at least by 20% (basic MR) and up to 50% (the usual chalice/mercury combo)...

For me if you go the "Gank on Ulti" route with Madred/Wits you will need MPen.
However if you go the "AD in your Face" route with BlackCleaver/Starks you will need AS.

As crazy as it seems, WW is probably much better without Madred's.
Because there are not enough items that give +MPen for melee characters.

Mercury+Cleaver+Starks+Arch Angel is probably the best solution to play WW.