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Point of the game

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I feel your pain brah

Killing towers is demorlazing and dibilitating.

Killing Chamions is MORE demorlazing and MORE dibilitating.

However, if you focus too much on the problem than the solution you won't ever get anything done. Killing thier champions all game is like playing a card in magic the gather that says "Tap! You can't lose!." Sure, you can't lose... but you can't win unless you focus and killing their towers and if all your focus is on killing champs. Well then... its seems were in it for the surrender at 95 minute game arent we?

What I think happens is two things.

One, people get stuck. "The point of the game is to kill the minions, so you can can kill the champions, so you can kill the towers, so you can kill the nexus and win!" If they get stuck any of those (why are you going for their first tower in bot lane while we are pushing their nexus towers?&quot then they stall the game

or two they think that you can only be "playing" well if you have a sweet KDR.
"Omg! Gangplank is 20/2/10! We'll never win he's totally fedzorz!"
"Even tho we are pushing all three of their inhibs and he's the only one alive on their team?"
"But he has infinity edge!!!!!1!1"

Knowledge is POWER!

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I remember one game where I was killed more often than usual early in the game. Thus, I was level 12 when all the enemy champions were level 16. Realizing that I would die very quickly if a firefight broke out, I ran far away from the enemy champions and began pushing unguarded lanes, building up gold and xp. A teammate then said something along the lines of "Dude your such a noob your off by urself no wonder were not winning." When I replied that my level was too low to help the rest of the team anyway, he said "well that's what happens when you farm the whole time."

As it turned out, I did power farm to level 18, get some good gear, and helped my team rank up kills. My point is that I think the best strategy is pretty situational. You have to think about which strategy will most benefit the team at that point in time.

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Korath Arcolite

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I totally agree with the OP.
I play Mundo a lot and don't have a set group to roll with. I'm OK and I contribute to team battles, gank etc. But really what I've noticed is how much of a help I can be by killing the Dragon every time it spawns or running down that unguarded lane, popping my ult and smashing that half-dead tower. It has a huge affect on the flow of the game.
I played a game last night where we were up by 12-15 kills and had better gear, but the game dragged on and they were better at pushing. Once we all hit lvl 18 and they have similar gear it was just a matter of time before they won. GG for them, they totally turned it around because of solid team work.