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Dodge System

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Michelle Zen



ok, i got the formula out.

100{1-(1-% of dodge from source 1 in decimal)(1-% of dodge from source 2 in decimal terms)...}=dodge chance

runes -> 10%
Tabi -> 11%


there we go. I hope this is the way it works.

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Senior Member


The easier way to think about the math is to consider the chance of NOT dodging.

If Jax has 10% + 15% + 20% (for example), his chance to be hit is:

0.90 * 0.85 * 0.80 => 0.612
... which means he has about a 39% chance to dodge. (Obviously, that's less than 10+15+20.)

Either way Jax is rather op when you're playing an auto attack champion, and beyond that one that actually relies on your auto attacks for things, such as Warwick who NEEDS to hit to have any benefit of his lifesteal and beyond that his ulti.

That's why Sword of the Divine exists! The activated ability lasts long enough to wreck Jax, generally.