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What do you see?

My hands are blue... I am holding a hammer and shield. 2 11.76%
My hands are metal... I seem to be a robot. 3 17.65%
My hands are clothed in blue gloves... I am holding a lamp post. 4 23.53%
My hands are blue... I a, holding a large book. 2 11.76%
My right hand is much stronger than my left. 1 5.88%
My hands are wrapped in some kind of fabric... I am holding a sythe. 5 29.41%
Voters 17 .

Choose Your Own Adventure

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King Kasai



Current choice:


How do you proceed?

Kill the Demacian, it is easy prey and you'll almost surely kill it before the others. However, you will anger both your allies

Chase the Maven with the spell Ghost and kill, but not into tower. You may be able to catch her at low risk. This will anger neither ally, most likely.

Chase the Maven with the spell Ghost and kill at all costs. You may be able to catch her at higher risk. This will anger allies if killed. Impress them if you live.

Do nothing. How boring

I'll try this first. I have a poll on another site to vote for basic answers. But, if someone suggests an action that others up vote, or I find interesting, I'll use that. Let's see how effective this is.

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King Kasai



The complete story
(Amateurish, I know)

"Welcome to Summoner's Rift!"

A force reverberates through your new body. Looking down at your hands, you see:

My hands are wrapped in some kind of fabric... I am holding a scythe.

This sight unleashes a torrent of memories. Years and years of isolation in a dark room. Patiently, you await... someone. Farther back you see yourself- feel yourself- cut down a man, cackling wildly while ferociously slicing through the the fool. Even further, you see your home plane. A twisted realm of terror and pain, where the screams of the weak never end. For you, a plane of merriment as you cut down and instill fear in the lesser beings.

Yes, you are no mere mortal. A construct. Plucked from a distant plane and bound to this body. Forced into service of these creatures. You, however, feel no spite. All you feel is the urge to cause fear. Indeed, you are appreciative of these 'summoners.' A new opportunity to cause hysteria in a plane that is comparatively orderly and peaceful.

Looking around you recognize several allies. Over the years, you have gathered that your sight differs from those in this realm. Everyone is a potential victim, all with different magnitudes of fear. They are not recognized by look so much as they are remembered by what they fear.

A common ally stands close. It is a being who also revels in the fears of others. A being of torture and laughter. Gluttony and torment. Its fears appear to be a ruse.It appears to fear death at one moment and life another. The ability to mask ones fears is only gained through years of inflicting and receiving torment. Or perhaps it is just insane.

The next being reminds you of your home plane. Yes, you feel much torment in this one. However, such thoughts are felt in others you've encountered. You've seen this in a creature born of the same land, and two other humans who've been touched by this realm. A curious breed. This world would benefit from their dominion.

Another aberrant creature. This one comparatively simplistic. It displays all the primal fears you have found thematic to this world. You would mistake this for an animal if it weren't for a few fears that stand out. The fear of isolation, of being alone is significant in this ones mind. It also garners fear through memories of youth. An earthquake. Memories are always a joy to manipulate.

Finally you see the least remarkable of the group. It is human, as your master was. All the primal fears are there. Nothing exceptional, to be honest. It has a fear for country and a fear of failure. Such are common to beings in power. It also has a deeply buried fear of being overshadowed by its sibling.

"Greetings champion," A voice echoes in your minds. A second process of thought. Another mind bound to yours. "I feel it is only fair to caution you. This is my first complete summoning and binding. I am only an apprentice." You care little for such trivialities. "I have chosen two utility spells, as is standard. The first allows you to move quickly and makes you incorporeal. The second is a teleportation spell." You remain passive, waiting for an opportunity to covertly enter this ones mind. "Yes... Well, this is simply a skirmish. We represent Zaun and we fight against Demacia today." Ah... is this fear or regret you sense? "To the fields then."

The human has already left. It ran down the middle lane. Another ally speaks, "March, march, march, march!" It runs southward.

The other responds, "...Ok," It moves sluggishly to the southern lane.

The final ally starts northward. It seems you will be joining it soon. You begin to follow, but a voice is heard. "Oi, ye' won' be buyin' any items then, ya fink?" You turn to see the item vendor.

"Of course. I seem to have... forgotten." The summoner is getting nervous. "Which do you think will benefit us most?"

Meki Pendant

The summoner received the image of the Meki Pendant.

"Right then," the vendor hands you a small mana imbued rod. As soon as you take the item, it disappears in your hands. You feel a pulse of magical energy.

You move toward the north tower. "The apprentices will be summoning the minions soon," your summoner comments. Reaching the tower, the void creature speaks.

"When the time comes, I will feast upon the enemy. You shall remain passive. Do not cross me, creature." How delightfully arrogant.

"The summoner feels the same way... perhaps we should stay-" Suddenly an orb of light flies toward you. The light lands mere feet from you, illuminating the area. You recognize this spell. Yes, you will be battling the daughter of the Demacians. A foolish choice, on their part. It, although Demacian, still retains a child-like spirit. Easily manipulated by fear.

"So it begins..." The void creature mutters. It walks through the light, well aware of the danger, but uncaring. You move ahead with it, followed by the minions.

"The others have verified their marks," the summoner paused for a moment," Yes, in the middle lane we have Ashe, the barbarian of Freljord. In the southern lane, Alistair the minotaur and the yordle ambassador." None of this is pertinent information. There is only the battle at hand.

As expected, the Demacian stood behind it's minions. Accompanying it was the musical enchantress. Ah, now this... this was an easy target. It had many fears buried deep within. So many to choose from. So many to savor. Your blood lust seems to disturb your summoner. Must remain calm. He mustn't feel your true feelings, else he might further shield his own fears. It has been too long since you have feasted on a commoners fears. Variety is the spice of life, yes? However, that is a concern for later.

Some time goes by, without much event. The void creature has been quite zealous in his attacks. You wait for your opportunity. Your targets stay defensive. Slowly, your power returns to you as the bond with the summoner strengthens. You have been able to strike more often due to the power of the pendant. However, without any enhancements to your endurance, you have taken a more defensive attitude.

"Quickly now, Katarina will be here soon. Prepare to attack." The summoner gets very nervous. It has become apparent that its greatest fear, at the moment, is the violent separation experienced when a champion is killed. "She is waiting to strike." You allow the marks to move forward a bit. They seem unaware of the possible danger.

Everything is set into motion when the void creature sends a torrent of energy through the ground, causing a rupture in the earth. This knocks the lady of luminosity off her feet. The maven plays a soothing chord. The assassin quickly sprints onto the field. It jumps to the maven with precision and every intent to kill. Without remorse or hesitation, it tosses numerous blades at both victims. Several harsh blows are struck.

At its dismay, the Demacian shielded both of them from fatal blows. In conjunction, the maven played a chord of expedience. Taking this opportunity, the void creature unleashed a disenchanting roar, crippling the Demacian.

Things seem pretty grim on its side. Almost surely, it will be killed, but by who? The maven is taking this opportunity to retreat. It is also quite injured, but without attention it will get away. How do you proceed?

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Senior Member


((This sounds fun. I will be voting.))

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King Kasai



Fiddle it is! You can probably tell I'm no writer by profession. If you see any alarming mistakes or faux pas please tell me.

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King Kasai



All right. Time to stop being self conscious of my writing! I will not abandon this so readily. Updated.