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Let's Talk about Tryndamere

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Mainly runes. Some say crit chance. Some say crit damage. Some like to mix it up. What do YOU say?

Chance is pretty much necessary for jungling, and very handy for laning early as well. It's helped me get some early kills. 40% at level one at full health, is nothing to scoff at.

On the other hand, damage is clearly better late game, because reaching 100% crit is fairly easy with decent farm.

IMO, Tryn gets wrongly pigeonholed into being useful only late game, and that is where he really shines, but he can still deal a brutal amount of damage early. Laning against a squishy can result in a 2-3 hit kill with high bloodlust stacks. if jungling, tryn manages to gank easily with a powerful slow and high damage output, plus natural mobility with spinning slash.

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Crit runes all the way tryn's crit damage is insane imo no need for crit damage runes. tryn is useful but he needs a heavy farm in order to be decent if laning all you have to tell your team is to focus on him and harass him and he will be next to useless late game.

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Yeah Crit chance is the way to go. Between his passive, masteries and IE he has plenty of crit damage. You want to rune with crit chance so you can reliably heal with bloodlust.

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Anyone that says crit damage runes is a bad Tryndamere player.

Why? Because Armor Pen runes give more damage output until you have something like 400 AD.

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First off, be forewarned that I've never jungled with Trynd, so my opinions are largely from a laning perspective

Tryndamere already has absolutely crushing damage late game, moreso than any other melee champion. Jacking up his crit damage is simply making water wetter (also does jack **** if you're not critting). You don't need to give him more late game damage, use your runes to shore up his other deficiencies.

I don't think there's a "right" choice for Trynd, necessarily, but rather a few choices that can compliment your own personal playstyle.

Some good choices are...

Flat HP: If you find yourself laning a lot, these can help. For quints, this is not as attractive a choice after the nerf. Yellows aren't that bad a bargain still. I mean what else are you gonna put in them?

Movespeed: Very strong for just about any melee champion. Not quite as necessary for Tryndamere since he has spinning slash, but it also helps against the inevitable perma-slow you'll have to deal with.

Armor pen: Armor pen is huge on Trynd. It gives him a distinct early game advantage. You can easily negate the armor of most champions early game using runes allowing you to abuse the very strong early game damage Trynd has. Like seriously, his damage at low levels is crazy good.

Crit Chance: Yes, you can get crit chance on items, but beyond a few notable exceptions (IE and Ghostblade), crit items don't have terribly good secondary damage stats. Atma's won't beef Trynd up terribly much, and PD is fairly expensive for the attack speed it gives (honestly the reason you should buy it is because of the movespeed, which can be extremely good). Taking crit chance runes frees up your build options and gives you some crit early/mid game. Keep in mind that while laning Trynd is not going to be standing around auto attacking. No one will let you. You'll be getting most of your bloodlust stacks from last hits, not crits. The crit chance is there so you can kick enemy champs in the teeth early game and not struggle as bad mid-game.

Armor/MR: Not a bad idea, honestly, largely because there's not too much that's useful for Trynd on blues and yellows offense wise. Something to consider.

Runes I wouldn't use are...

Damage: He does enough damage, jesus christ. Plus, damage/level has a low crossover point, meaning damage runes are very much weighted for the late game. You'll already be unstoppable damage wise just off items, so there's little point in trying to beef up an already godly late game.
Crit damage: Same as above, but even worse. A flagrant waste of IP. Avoid these at all costs.
Cooldown: He's not a terribly cooldown dependent champion. Not a terrible choice, but not a very compelling one. Still, it might not be fair of me to put these runes in the "bad" section since your only other realistic choice for blues is MR/Level.

Here are a few rune setups you could use.

Quints: Crit chance
Reds: Armor Pen
Yellows: Crit chance
Blues: MR/Level

Pros: This would give you about 15 armor pen and 9.36 crit chance. I feel that this is a pretty sweet mix, since 15 armor pen is going to hurt a lot of champions early game. Both stats will be useful late game (everyone loves armor pen and a free 10% crit chance can free up an inventory slot), while also being very strong early game.
Cons: Fragile and slow. Crit yellows aren't fantastic, about half the effectiveness of marks so you're missing out on some gold value there.
Possible substitution: Yellows would the likely candidate. You could swap them out for dodge, armor or HP.

Quints: Movespeed
Reds: Crit chance
Yellows: Armor/HP
Blues: MR/Level

Pros: A pretty flexible setup that's decent for laning. The movespeed helps your chasing ability at all stages, the crit is good early/mid game, the yellows help early game, and the blues keep you from getting bursted as hard late game.
Cons: Still a little fragile, not very focused. No armor pen means you'll be hitting a lot weaker early game.

Quints: HP
Marks: Crit chance
Yellows: HP
Blues: MR/Level

Pros: Very tough. Ideal for laning since your big HP pool will let you weather harass well. The crit chance will build bloodlust stacks faster and keep you alive even against a tough lane.
Cons: Not very good for offense. Might still be useful since you're going to be hard to burst down early game, but your damage won't be all that impressive.

Quints: Armor pen
Reds: Armor pen
Yellows: HP
Quints: MR/Level

Pros: Extremely high damage early game. Also helps mid-game when people start getting armor and Trynd's damage drops off severely. You'll be wrecking armor pretty hard with this build, and the benefits will stay with you all game. HP will make you harder to burst down in lane and let you bully people around.
Cons: Low starting crit chance. You can take a brawler's and some pots though (a much more attractive option now that you can't Doran's Shield + pot anymore). You'll probably have to build a PD or some extra source of crit, which will slow down your damage progression.

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I've been running crit chance marks and quints to start with +14% crit chance, this feels almost necessary for jungling, and can be fun for laning. Surprising an opponent with a 200 damage auto attack or two is **** satisfying.

For kicks I tried this rune setup on Kog'maw. BAB + Boots of Speed + 14% crit has been amazing for zoning.

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I start the game with a flat 20% crit chance in runes. I'm toying with the idea of taking out the blues and replacing them though, because I'd lose only 2%.
But with 20% in runes, 10% in champ ability, 2% in masteries, and 8% in brawlers, I start the game with 40% crit chance.

I try to make sure to join the (gank) fight and not start it, which means I often get to finish it.
Having 2 kills under your belt before the minions spawn isn't impossible, and definitely helps the laning phase.
I just haven't chosen what to buy for my blues, but because of the above post I will look into MR/level.