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Just bought Kog - need some help

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What I'm looking for are updated guides or suggestions on types of builds.

I played 4 games with him and the first two were awful, then next two I a great K/D ratio; winning 3 out of the four.

In all the games I warned my teammates that I'm learning him and pls give me some tips. What I found is that leveling W first seemed to help ALOT is survivability, and only putting one rank in E, and then W>R>Q >E for the rest of the game seemed to help.

I tried plenty of different runes set ups and liked my MP/HP/AP/HP build equally to my ArP/AD/AD/ArP build (reds/yellows/Blues/Quints)

I usually grabbed Dorans Blade first, then boots depending on enemy (sorc shoes or merc grieves), and then rushed MAdreds. From there i tried all AP, like abysall scepter, Zhonya hourglass. I also tried AS/AP like nashors, malady etc.

Basically, it seems to me he's a champ with A LOT of versitility. AP or AD can work.

How do you play Kog? What are some successful builds? Any tips for a new Kog player? Am I really a mid laner? Or a dual? or a Solo Sider?

He's a lot fo fun, definitely worth the price tag, I just want some more help. Thanks