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Runes not showing among buffs.

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Lord Thanatos



This bugged happened only once, when I was playing Ashe.

Here are the exact conditions:
1. I was in a blind pick 5v5 match
2. I was playing Ashe and was currently lvl 18
3. I had just slain Teemo who had the golem's buff on him (or I think it was the golem buff)
! I think the buff that gives you the 4 floating runes around you is taken from the acient golem, so I will refer to it as the golem buff. If I am wrong, I am sorry.
4. I had a Twisted Fate in my team (so I benefited from his passive aura) and Frost Arrows was activated and I also had a charged Banshee Veil (the spell shield was ready)

The bug:
I killed Teemo and took his buff, but the buff Icon and hence duration didn't show down there in the "buff's bar" (it is circled on the screenshot). I clearly had the buff and was benefiting from its effects, but its Icon would not show.

The SCREENSHOT that I attached proves my point. I have circled the "buff bar" and if you look at my champion you will see the floating runes around her. Also, I blanked out the named of 2 other players, one having been slain by the other, to protect the innocent

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I just noticed this happening to me as well with the new patch this week. If you kill the neutrals directly you get the buff icon in your status bar. However, if you kill an enemy who has the buff and it transfers to you, the buff icon does not show in the status bar although the buff animation around your champion does appear.