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Renekton Trials

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Ok so I thought I would see how everyone else is doing with building this guy right.

I have tried pure dps, pure tank and hybrid tank/dps and have finally settled on a somewhat 3/4 tank core build which has actually been working really well.

It looks like this:

Armor Pen, armor, Magic Resist & Armor Pen Quints.

Core items:
Doran's Shield
Merc Treads

Skil Priority:
One in each then R > Q > W > E
Ghost - (Flash/Ignite/Exaust)

Dorans Shield seems to work better than Blade But you could try boots+ 3 Pots. I like shield the best because it makes me tank enough to harass with the slice, stun, aoe and dice out combo. I feel that the blade is a risk because if you get push out of the lane you cannot regen enough to stay in the lane without a B. Champs like Zilean are rough if you dont have regen from the get go.

I have found that I dont need CDR early since the .110 patch which is really good because it opened up more options from here. I always always get Merc Treads as I dont run cleanse and its pretty much always required in 5's.

Phage is a nice item to add extra utility to your build and your team in general. W stun is usually not enough to to serious damage and phage works very very well with his abilities because you can spam then to almost always get a proc without needing FM straight away. It also helps with chasing and supporting your team turning your W stun into a stun & slow.

Sunfire is the 4th item I get because it really increases your farming ability at this point. I notice that a slice & dice + Q combo on minions sometimes isent enough to kill them all and makes it harder to last hit all of them when there so low after this combo. Sunfire unique takes care of this for you. It also provides you with the armor required to dive effectively but mainly this items signals to the other team that you are building tank which often makes them ignore you more than if you didnt have it. It's a funny trick which I lucked upon when getting destroyed by focus fire with most other builds. Renekton has a large amount of base dmg and stacking that with his ult and sunfire means he really cant be ignored in a team fight which now often happens with this build.

From here I build damage mostly with MR if i need it but I tend to just buy a negatron and leave it there till late game force of nature. Usually I go bloodthirster as the next item but this can change. A quick tab will tell me If a need a last whisper at this time. Other options are to finish off your Frozen Mallet and grab an Atma's which will boost your damage a surpising amount(sunfire+mallet+Shield+base health). But after sunfire the choice is really yours depending on the other team.

Try it out, tell me what you think. I would love to play less tank but I have trouble with his survivability, possibily players at the higher ELO might try:

Merc Treads

or something of this nature.

Tell me what you think, helpful suggestions and experiences are always welcome

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Frankly I just don't see how that build could ever do a meaningful amount of damage. It looks like you'd basically be playing as a tank, full stop: That is, your contribution to teamfights would be disrupting carries, hopefully forcing them to attack you, and being a general annoyance rather than killing anyone. And that's fine, really, except that other champs do it better. It also looks like about half a build, and it suggests that you're getting underfarmed regularly, because that core really doesn't represent a lot of gold worth of items.

I'm also not seeing why he'd need Defense masteries rather than Offense, for the same reasons.

I think Renekton is only used to his full potential when he's dishing out a significant amount of pain. Now, he's not a hard carry, nor any kind of autoattacker, so I'm not saying that anyone should get him an Infinity Edge or something. He also needs additional HP, so yeah, there should be some tankiness to his build. But, unlike a full-on tank, his job is not just to disrupt enemy carries/burst/support, but to kill them, which is for obvious reasons preferable.

This is where the opening item choice of a Doran's Blade is important. Forget about the lifesteal; it's a nice bonus but it's not what you're buying the thing for, primarily. Rather, it gives you the right balance of damage and beefiness that he needs in order to do his job, right from the start of the game.

This is the build I've been using, and it has worked really well so far:

-Doran's Blade
-Boots and another Doran's Blade
-Upgrade to Ionian Boots of Lucidity and probably part of one of the following items
-Build Phage into Frozen Mallet
-Sunfire, Bloodthirster, upgrade Brutalizer to Youmuu's, Stark's if your team benefits from it greatly, or Black Cleaver (I don't like to get LW over Cleaver if I have a lot of flat armor pen already, because this lowers the armor reduction of LW)

You can go Phage before Brutalizer if you feel that you're too fragile, but Brutalizer is better to get first if you're doing well at that point in the game.

In a lane I play him like a slightly more aggressive Garen. I hide in the bushes and no one wants to go in there because they're going to eat a stun, a Q, and a couple autottacks, and if that leaves them low I can chase them with E. I come out to last hit and to Q an entire wave if I need to regain lost hp. It's also entirely worthwhile to last-hit with Q--it will often get you more than one minion kill once it starts getting leveled up. The tension here is to be able to maintain your hp and farm sufficiently without pushing too far. If your hp is at 3/4 or better and your minions consistently advancing past the halfway point between towers, it's probably a good idea to just last-hit with autaottacks when you can.

What you really want is for your laning opponent(s) to either facecheck when your ult is up, or to just advance too far down the lane, in which case you can come up from behind and wreck them. You can solo in this way but it seems a lot better to be duoing bot lane. This playstyle will give your laning partner plenty of chances to get last-hits for themself, and committing to a 1v2 with Renekton is pretty undesirable.

Speaking of all that, I think with your skill order that you need to prioritize Q a little more heavily. Since the Doran's nerf, it's a huge advantage for Renekton to be able to replenish his hp without having to buy a pot, and post-buff Q actually does quite good damage to enemy champs if you find yourself in a fight. I level like this:

1. W (You never know when an early fight may happen and this can turn the tide. I find it's safer to have it from level 1, although there's a case to be made for starting with Q, certainly.)
2. Q
3. E
4. Q -> 2
5. Q -> 3
6. R
7. W ->2
8. Q ->4
9. W ->3
10. E ->2

By that time the laning phase will probably be close to over (if you're duo-laning, at least), and anyway you can figure it out from there. I don't necessarily leave E at 1 point until everything else is maxed out. I'll usually try to keep it one point behind W, and keep Q 1 point above W, more or less.

Finally, in teamfights, I play him pretty much as I would Xin, which is to say I choose the highest priority target and go after them until they're dead (or I am, or we have to back out). Usually this is a ranged AD carry.

I hope this didn't sound overly critical. I don't mean to suggest this is the one true way to play Renekton, but only that I think going for some meaningful offensive capability is important. Hopefully you can take some ideas from it if they're appealing. Good luck!