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Xin jungle?

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a build for a jungle/offensive xin?

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Jungle Xin? Meh, sure. He's not a good jungler, but he's a good ganker.

0/15/15 or 1/14/15 are sensible masteries for him. Get lots of armor. Whatever reds you want (arpen is always good), yellow armors, blue whatevers. CDR is fine. Masteries should be Smite+Flash for the fastest and more effective jungle-ganks. Xin+Flash is a nightmare. He goes from invisible to dashing into your face instantly.

Cloth+5x Pots, yawn. But since he's such a gimp in the jungle, do him a favor and start at minigolems. Now, do you want to do the whole jungle, or get to a gank? As Xin, I'd say, forget the jungle ASAP. Get ganking.

So do minigolems w/ smite. Walk over to the wolves when you finish. Kill the wolves while healing back up to full via potion. Walk to blue golem now that your smite is nearly ready to go, and lay into the blue golem as hard as you can. Tada, level 3, time for ganks. When you kill it you should have good health and enough mana and cooldown to lay down some serious hurt. Not that mana was Xin's issue before.

Level 1 get his Q. Normally the dumbest thing to get first, here you need it to kill golems and stuff. Next up, get W. Lastly, when you finish Blue, get E. Now you have all you need to launch a QWE Xin Combo from the bushes and gank the snot outta someone.

If you want to jungle him longer term then you're probably off getting ghost instead of flash (for utility) and heading for Bloodrazor. Otherwise leave the cloth armor around and you may eventually make it into a Guardian Angel.