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Kog'Maw: Memoirs of a Meta

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GoSu Liquid

Senior Member


Hello everyone, and this is (If you have not already figured out) Chaoticwolfs Kog'Maw guide: Memoirs of a Meta.
In this guide, Ill try to teach you how to douggie, excuse me, Koggie? Like a pro.
I'll start off with runes. Simple, Right? But there are so many choices!!!!

Unlike most guides, for mine, I'll start by listing the possible choices for each type of rune that get you the most bang for your buck.

Marks: AR Pen, MPen
Really the only viable mark for koggy out there. Everything else is sub par compared to these.

Seals: HP per level, Flat hp, mp5, armor, mr
All of these are great choices that increase your survivability or the length of time you can stay in lane.

Glyphs: mp5, MPen
Mp5 for obvious reasons, MPen because I felt it needed one more choice.

Quints: Flat health, Health per level, MR, Armor, MPen, AR Pen.
All of them are listed for previous reasons.

I have some really weird masteries. But keep in mind, the ones I list are not the only viable masteries: Experiment and find out what you think works best for you.

Offensive: 0
Defensive: 19
2 in resistance
3 in hardiness
4 in evasion
1 in nimbleness
2 in harden skin
4 in veterans scars
3 in ardor
Utility: 11
1 in haste
3 in preservence
4 in expanded mind
3 in meditation
"Wtf Chaotic? Wtf kind of masteries are those?"
Calm down little raging fail kog troll, I will explain.
With my masteries I don't go for "Synergy" Per-say with other masteries, I go for the ones that give you the most bang for your buck.
Expanded mind? Yes.
Ardor? Yes.
Veterans scars? Yes.
Meditation? Yes.
Per each mastery I probably get more than if I had more points all together.

Spells, I think I'll just list the viable ones.

Exhaust: Useful for escape, chase, and carry disable. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it works well.

Ghost: Imho, This is one spell you should always have with you. Its utility is amazing.

Teleport: Works well for moving around the map, however, I don't recommend it if you're going with mp5 runes (its a waste)

Cleanse: Epic for those nasty stuns and continuing to rain the pain on your enemies. Very good spell if in a bind, or useful for teamfights.

Ignite: Dps? Check. True damage? Check. Healing redux? Check. Sure, I'd take it on occasion.

Flash: We all know about flash. Do I have to explain?

Build: I recommend varying on this build for resists if you're getting chewed up during a game (In fact its never a good idea to go with the same build every game, especially if you're losing.)
1. Dorans blade
2. Madreds blood razor
3. Malady
4. Frozen Mallet
5. SoTD
6. Black Cleaver
Of course, you need to buy boots. Its up to you to decide which ones: Heavy cc? Merc treads. Heavy physical dps? Ninja tabi. You getting fed? Berserker's greaves.
And don't forget, you can (and should) Buy the ingredients to other items if you cannot afford what you want, or maybe some elixirs, dorans items, and wards.

Skill order: Q, W, E, Q, then put points in your ult whenever possible while maxing out W first, then Q, then E.

Game Play:
Well, each person has their own gaming style. Play what you play best. But remember If you have mp5 runes, Using your W to harass/last hit and your ult is incredibly beneficial.
Be smart, don't overextend, and raging is never a good thing to do.

Well, Thats my Guide to Kog'Maw. Hope you enjoy, and hope your playing is epic!