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Strengthening Community Spirit in LoL

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For anyone who's seen Fight Club, among the famous rules of Fight Club (of which some I am breaking) is an unspoken case:

Though the fighters beat the snot out of each other, they never attack the person.

Do you get what I'm sayin'?

As a community of fighters and lovers here in LoL, I propose we maintain that same mentality.

Attack the champion, not the summoner. Kill that enemy champion 50 times a row if you can, relish every moment of victory over the enemy team, never attack the summoners.

Build community spirit! Build our common joy for the game, our common goals, our common hope. Remove our inflated pride, or our sense of inferiority; feeling inferior only leads us to "hate them before they can hate me."

Beat the daylights out of the champion, that's what they got summoned their for in the first place -- respect, build up, and love the summoners.


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I like your perspective OP.

Also bump.