Bored of LoL

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Getting bored of LoL, it's the same stuff every day. I love to play ranked but can never progress in a solo que i'm always positive in every game but for some reason i get 1400's on my team and the enemys are 1600+.

It is a challenge but I'm tired of playing in the same racket i'm ready to move up and for the past two months i've stayed in the 1400's which put me against 1600 teams. So ofcourse my hole team with 1400 elo is going to usually loose. Played 8 games today lost all 8 and only one game I went neutral on kills/deaths rest I was positive.

Going to play something else for awhile all the heros I loved to play are just not cutting it in ranked also ;/ go figure. Hopefully riot makes a working matching system. Problem is this game really doesn't have that many users so it's hard to match you with people close to your skill level in a timely matter.

Going to try out HoN

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yeah im bored to, just uninstalled and will come back in a couple of weeks after a few more updates T.T