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My take on Twisted Fate

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Hello everyone, I'm still rather new to this game(only been playing about a month), so please feel free to tell me your honest opinion on this guide, whether it sucks or has potential.

I have played 65 games with TF, 35 wins and 29 losses, so I'm not claiming to be an expert. Of course the first 5 or so games with the cardmaster I fed way too much, not understanding how incredibly squishy he was. After I started to understand that makes Twitch look beefy, I adapted my playstyle and started winning games.

Firstly, many people debate on whether or not TF should go AP or "melee". Having tried both, I have come to understand that one is not superior to the other, they just play off of his different strengths. AP cardmaster does amazing burst damage, and clears lanes in a way that no other champion, save Sivir can match. The downside? While your waiting on your cooldowns you're practically worthless in a fight. "Melee" TF gives up the ability to clear an entire line of creeps with one spell for the ability to deal some pretty decent sustained damage in a group fight, which can be pretty handy. I would suggest giving both a try, and seeing which one suits your play style more.

In either case, TF will not be able to live long in a fight if he is taking hits. You need to learn when to hit and run, and when to go balls to the walls in a fight. This is crucial, because your teammates don't want youto feed the enemies, and you want to get kills/assist with kills. From my experience, you're not very likely to be able to bring down anyone tough on your own, so try to pick on softer targets, like Ashe, Sivir, Teemo, Twitch Evelyn, Yi, and Veigar.

I would suggest crit chance and crit damage runes.

Summoner spells:

Flash is manditory I believe. it gets you out of sticky situations, and can get a charging Yi, Evelyn, Singe or Warwick off of your ass. Get used to teleporting through terrain, because it makes their chase distance drastically longer.

Clairvoyance is nice, it's saved me and my teammates several times. However, I think we have better options available.

Clarity is nice, and has been my most recent pick. This build runs off of a tiny mana pool, so being able to refresh it without having to hit the pool is nice. It also helps your teammates out.


I would suggest getting Wild Card first. Use it to harass, and use it to harass often. It's also great for getting last hits. Next grab Pick a Card. I only put one point into it until later. Level three, you want to grab another level of Wild Card, and then one more as soon as possible. I take Gate at level 5, then his ultimate at 6.

level Wild Card as high as possible, and get Gate to 4. I would then suggest bringing Pick a Card up, alternating between that and your ultimate.


I usuallyt buy the Brawler's Gloves first, and a health potion. When you have enough gold to buy Berzerker's Greaves and Zeal, blue pill back into town and buy them. Then, use the Zeal to make a Phantom Dancer. If you're playing against a lot of spellcasters, Wit's End is your next pick. If you're playing against a more melee/tank oriented team, I usually buy Last Whisper instead. Next choice is going to be Malady. The lifegain should help you live a little longer, but the attack speed is why we get it. The last item is up to you, Banshee's Veil is nice, and so is Frozen Maul. Infinity Edge is also a solid decision. Sword of the Divine might not be a bad choice, because of your attack speed.

I suggest throwing Wild Cards to get last hits on far creeps and harrassing enemies in the early game. With Clarity, you can cast this spell VERY frequently. Once you have Pick a Card and rank two of Wild Card, you can try to gank someone at less than half health, but be careful, and make sure Flash is up. Grab a gold card, hit them with Wild Cards, slam them with the gold card stun, and throw a few auto attacks at them. If they look low on health, throw another Wild Card at them and that usually does the trick.

Midgame, you want to keep your eyes on the map. If you're pushing into enemy territory, kill a wave or two of creeps and pop your ultimate. Alert your teammates of any incoming ganks/tower assaults, and try to line up counter ganks. Use gate and blue pill to jump from lane to lane, with a constantly full health and mana pool. Make the fights as lopsided as possible. Push a tower with two teammates, and when your opponents get overconfidant and try to push one of your towers with only one person, Gate in to the side of them and help your teammates turn the tide.

Lategame, you want to be jumping lanes to farm, popping your ultimate to both save and gank, and taking out key members of the opposing team in team fights. After a while, your (good)teammates will automatically focus fire on the person you've gold carded them. Makes sure you pickone of their softer targets, preferrably someone like Twitch/Teemo who can kill an entire team, or one of their disablers, like Cho'Garth or Blitzcrank. Don't stand in the line of fire for any longer than necissary, and make sure your throwing Wild Cards that are both hitting key targets, and taking out their creeps so their pushes are harder. Once their team is mostly dead, Gate to a different lane and start pushing. You can clear creeps insanely fast, and you look like a juicy target for the enemy team. Pop your ultimate once it seems that most of the other team has respawned and has made it out of the town. If you're beaing encircled, run/flash away, bluepill, and meet your teem on the other side of the map. Repeat this process as often as possible, and the enemy team will be forced to chose which turret they lose.

I hope this guide is helpful, and any comments/criticisms are appreciated.


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This is a good guide, Jesuriah! I just picked up TF and he's my favorite champion so far. After reading a bunch of the guides on here, it seems like most folks agree on the majority of what you have here. It's especially nice to have more concrete and specific gameplay tips - thanks! A couple questions for you:

* Cooldown Reduction: You aren't making this a priority in this build, and I was wondering if you find you can still get around the map frequently and quickly enough without using runes or items to get you access to Destiny and Gate faster. Do you make getting the golem buff a priority? What situations do you typically try to get it in, if so?

* Gold: TF loves money. Some guides suggest going for Philosopher's Stone early game (I could also imagine Avarice Blade instead for a physical build like this). What are your thoughts on that? I've found health/mana regen to help out in the laning phase quite a bit, but I'm very new to the game, so maybe a more experienced player would be last-hitting more and being hit by enemy champions less.

* Masteries: Are you going with a Utility focus? Seems to be the consensus for TF.

* Strategy: Could you talk a little more about when to Gate, when to Destiny+Gate, when to Recall, and when to just hoof it? Do you more frequently use your cooldowns offensively, or save them as a quick escape mechanism?

* Newbie Issue: I am having a little difficulty pulling off the famous and deadly Gold Card -> Destiny -> Gate -> Win combo. Casting Pick a Card during Gate cancels the Gate, so I can't get it rolling that way, and it just seems to take me too much time to click where I need to go on the minimap. Plus it seems like I need to unlock the camera from my champion in order to actually click the minimap and then click the spot I want to Gate to. Should I be playing with my camera unlocked at all times? How do you manage?

Thanks so much!


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Don't play with your camera locked. With your camera unlocked it's a lot easier to just click where you need to go on the minimap and then hit gate. Generally, I hit PAC, find the gold card, click on the minimap where I intend to go, hit destiny and then gate.

I prefer going trinity force build for DPS. You can have your sheen and zerker greaves by the time you hit 6 and you can gank if anyone on the other team decides to move anywhere farther than halfway down the lane.

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Senior Member


Definitely keep your camera unlocked. I'm new to MOBAs and don't play RTS games, so at first I thought keeping my Hero in the center of my screen at all times was ideal. It's a terrible idea. Just bite the bullet and get used to floating all over the map, you'll be so much better off.

The tricky part about TF is that there are so many great path's to build right from the beginning.

Mana Sapphire to Sheen which can later be a Lich Bane?
Mana Sapphire to Sheen which can later be a Trinity Force?
Meki to Chalice for great mana regen and MR?
Meki to Codex to Deathfire for AP, regen, CD reduction and extra burst ever 60 seconds?
Meki to Codex to Nashor's for Attack Speed, a ton of AP and CD reduction?
Mejai's Soulstealer if you're feeling confident?

Personally I think the AS path offers the best utility for a new TF, but I see how AP TF can see some crazy burst. Of all the champs I've tried so far CM seems like he offers the most versatility for success.

But what do I know, I just bought the guy

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Instead of triforce and phantom or something, get...

Sheen-pick-pick(if you're farming great)-grasp-lichbane-zhonyas.

insert boots(sorc or merc) whenever you wish

If you're already dominating after sheen grab a mejais.