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the list of people to not ult as karth

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You forgot to mention about Yi's Alpha Strike when timed properly can avoid Karthus' ulti since when he uses it, he is considered invulnerable thus avoiding an untimely death. I've seen many pro Yi users and have always escaped my ulti upon doing this

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It Is correct to just call you ******* m*r*n?

1) Here you're covering your ass by saying "well, they all have possibility avoid it. so i shouldn't try at all"... hey why don't you just stay at base all the time? i mean anyone could survive a gank, and anyone could die in a gank~~ by your theory if you are against a team which everyone have ability to avoid your ult, so you shouldn't learn your ult at all? lol are you just stupid?

2) Anyone could survive that ult, with or without shield. anyone could die from that ult with or without shield. shield will not save your @ss from that ult if you are really low. and lux got the worst shield in the game, most likely will not save you~~

3) i have done a mr calculation on page two, if you have time go and learn how mr work first. last time i try him it doesn't, even it does it will only reduce around 10% damage at level max

4) hmm you already state that lux should have around 1000~1600 ap in normal games. karthus's ult deal 550+0.7 ap. it take only 640 ap to reach 1000 magic damage.

5)so garen never die from requirem or something? what is your point?

Congratulations, now you don't even need to play, since you can't be sure to win every game, why bother even play? or when your ult those champion without these ability they always die 100%? stoping being funny~~

You are not only wrong, you are ignoring all attempts to correct you. I've seen your math, but it requires Karthus to have 500 AP AND a Void Staff, which until 45 minutes into the game, he's not going to have.

Let's say you ult every 2.5 minutes after getting your ult (the CD is actually longer) at minute 10. That's 35 minutes/2.5 which is 14 ults. Most games will not go to 45 minutes.

For those 14 ults until you have an Archangel's Staff, a Void Staff, AND a Deathcap to power up your AP (and I'm fairly sure that's not enough to get you to 500), all the people mentioned in this thread's OP can mitigate a large chunk of your ult meaning (and this is the point all along) that you shouldn't rely on it to kill them unless they are super low or their spell is on cooldown.

Lastly, Bulwark works on Galio incredibly well. You have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to Galio. Let's say Galio has 100 MR (easy to get).

100/200 = 50% mitigation. If I apply a rank 4 Bulwark to myself, I get another 175/275, which is 14% off Karthus's ultimate. That is often enough to survive it since, after all, I am blocking 64% of the damage until Karthus gets Void Staff.

The idea that Karthus has 500 AP and a Void Staff is not necessarily something that will happen in all games, or even most games.

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i hate it when they tell me to ult when they have 300hp and i only hit for just 250 early game and their like WTF KARTHUS NO ULT!?