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Viegar guide

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How to use?
My main idea is that he is built to kill and scare the enemy. Dark Matter is really helpful for keeping the enemy off you as most would avoid this. It’s great for kill masses of minions as it does a lot of damage. Baleful Strike is great when used on minions after Dark Matter as they will all have taken lots of damage and can pick them off and gain permanent ability power, which is very helpful later on. If you’re being harassed by enemy champions try to stay back and keep them away with Dark Matter. When your level 6 Primordial Burst becomes a very deadly ability as it does lots of damage to enemy mage champions with lots of mana this is because it deals 25% of their maximum mana as extra damage. Try to keep tack of their maximum mana so you can deal the most damage. I don’t fin event horizon much use near the start as it can be avoided and cost a lot of mana but near the end you can really use it to snare and kill champions.

My ability template:

1. Dark Matter
2. Baleful Strike
3. Dark Matter
4. Baleful Strike
5. Dark Matter
6. Primordial Burst
7. Baleful Strike
8. Dark Matter
9. Baleful Strike
10. Dark Matter
11. Primordial Burst
12. Baleful Strike
13. Event Horizon
14. Event Horizon
15. Event Horizon
16. Primordial Burst
17. Event Horizon
18. Event Horizon


The items I go really help Viegar with his mana regen and maximum mana. Because Chalice of Harmony increases your mana regen by 1% for every 1% missing in creasing your maximum mana can have a real impact. I’ve had 3600 mana and only have like 200 left then that will increase it by 82% which is a lot of mana regen and will keep you going. Archangel’s Staff is a great ability power tool used along with this, as it increases your ability power as your mana increases. The Deathfire Grasp is great fun against enemies that have very high health as its ability can do huge damage. It also gives you lots of ability power and mana regen and ability cool downs. Zhonya’s Ring is just awesome for any ability power champion, + 100 ability power and +25% ability power, on it’s own it make 125 ability power.

Chalice of Harmony
Archangel’s Staff
Deathfire Grasp
Zhonya’s Ring

Item Tech tree:

  • Meki Pendent
  • Chalice Of Harmony
  • Tear Of The Goddess
  • Blasting Wand
  • Archangel’s Staff
  • Kage’s Lucky Pick
  • Fiendish Codex
  • Deathfire Grasp
  • Sage’s Ring
  • Blasting Wand
  • Blasting Wand
  • Zhonya’s Ring

This is the order I usually go for, for my items and this will make 4 out of 8 possible items you can have. I tend to usually run out of money by this time as they’re very expensive and take a long time to get but they really help.