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Karma Tips & Tricks (Post Them Here)

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My favorite ability of hers is W, I max that first along with Q, and get a point here and there on E. The only AP item I get is the Archangels Staff.

That's right, I play Karma Support Tank. My main items are Shurelya's Reverie, Frozen heart, archangels Staff, and Force of Nature

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Bought her on release day and just started a "learning blog" of her today. Still new to her and new to the game but would love to get some feedback and tips overall.



As far as contributing to the topic though, I've personally been going Doran's Ring to start as well, and boosting AP and CDR to do support work. It's pretty exciting though to see a champion played with a large range of versatility. Saw someone else tanking...ish with her and I was pretty impressed. Curious though to see what Nerfs might come our way.