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[Guide Request] Master Yi

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I have noticed that master Yi is generally being raped in the beta, and a guide could really turn that around. He seems kinda noob friendly(health regen abillity), but i think he could be fun and competitive in proper hands.
there is a tip thread which is helpful, but not really a guide and there is a guide in one of the big compilation word files, but that one is highly situational and demands alot from your team(they pretty much need to just let you farm half the game for the guide to work). So i was ooking for a differnet way to play him then be exhorbantly item and farming dependant

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I farm for the first 6 minutes of the game (including the first minute and a half being the wait for minions time) Then I basically just go around ganking champions and jungling when I walk through a jungle. After you get your madreds razor and your vampiric scepter I've only died due to a 1v4 gank with a stunner. Save your ult until you know you'll be able to kill the enemy champion with it, or if you are about to get ganked by a team that relies on slow. It works great. http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=12758 Works like a charm still. I've been going 20+/2/5+ in all my games with this idea in mind (change it up a bit for my own personal play style of course, but generally this build is good enough to get you anywhere you need to in life.

Oh i feel like an idiot. I was just scrolling down and saw this topic was on the bottom of my screen (faster fox) and this thread was like from august. >__> <___< sorry