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LF Solid Solo Que Parner who can hold his own consistently

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I have over 1000 ranked games played in solo que and I've fluctuated between 1000 rating, 980 was lowest and my highest as of late is 1344 ELO.

Recently whats been happening is I managed to unfortunately drop below 1200 in a bout of carelessness one night and now I am stuck in a mud-hole. I am looking for a dedicated and consistent ranked player who can play all roles (as I can) so we can guarantee (hopefully) a good combo by having 2 people fill holes in team comps instead of just me.

Here are the heroes I mainly play for most roles, albeit I play almost every hero pretty well:

Jungler: Shaco, Yi, WW, Nunu
Carry: Pantheon, AP Sion and I have a mean Miss Fortune... also Trist
Support/Tank: Alistar, Gragas, Shen
Caster: Kennen, Annie

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like 420 Ninjas

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What sup didn't thing this would be in here hah! it's Chue my summoner name is Dimsum88 add me

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Stunner Deal



Hmmmm Seems me and you are in the same boat. Hit me up?
I play -
Jungle - fiddle amumu and shaco
carry- nidalee
Mage - nidalee, kassadin, fiddle
tank - amumu-shen

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Hey I have 560ish wins pre season 1 and since then I've played 300ish ranked games and a bunch of normal. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you. I can literally play anyone since I own all the champs and have 11 rune pages as well as the majority of runes. Though I would say my best carry would be Ashe and used to be a great soraka though I haven't played her much lately as she hasn't been as viable. I play a good Janna too. I can jungle with just about anyone that can jungle. and blah blah I'll friend you and we'll see what happens I suppose!