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Good Annie Guides?

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i m not very expirienced with annie, but no guide will make u a pro.
You need to play char a lot to anderstan what is it capable of. Do i go for a single squishy or double stun their melees? do i fall back or do i push and scare them with my giggling presence? only expirience will provide you with answers

While no guide will make you the best Annie (or whatever other hero) player ever, they will considerably help. I tried to learn Taric on my own, and I wasn't able to, I was just so bad that I gave up. Then I read a guide on him that I really liked. Because of this guide I was able to become very good with Taric. Guides really help, especially if you are struggling with a champion.

Back on topic, I just read Kcao's guide, and it's pretty good. The last time I played Annie was back when Tibber's used to stun on his own. So this guide helped bring me up to date, and was nice and informative. I'd suggest at least reading it, as it can only improve your game.