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[Guide] Ryze - The Rogue mage

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This guide is not exactly complete, so I may update it.
Ryze - 1.3K IP.

I. Introduction to Ryze
II. How to use Ryze
III. Builds for Ryze

I. Ryze is an EXTREMELY powerful multi-nuke champion. His ultimate (See Builds Section for skills) enables a whopping ->65%<- AOE damage. With his E ability, his ultimate is deadly.
Ryze is also capable of soloing, and with low CD spells, team fights won't be a problem.

II. Ryze, as seen in the shops difficulty level is really easy. I picked up Ryze without any guides, but I wasn't exactly the best. Now when you're ready to snare someone, if you can, squish in Spell Flux before snaring, it'll decrease their magic defense.
R-E-W-Q -- But if you don't want to risk losing the champion, go straight for; R-W-E-Q.
Those are the orders in which you should use your spells. I also recommend taking Ignite and Flash into the battlefield.

Ryze is fairly easy, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty.


Masteries: It's really up to you, but I went full Utility.

Spells: Ignite and Flash

Skills: Q = Nuke, W = Snare, E = Bounce semi-nuke, R = Increase AP and 65% AOE effect around you spells.

1 Spell Flux(E) - 1 Rune Prison(W) - Max Overload(Q) - Then Max Rune Prison, and finally Spell Flux. I didn't bother adding in Ultimates because obviously you should get them ASAP.

Items: Okay, here you can experiment, it's totally up to you.
I recommend some AP+Mana items, ie; Rod of Ages.

My Build: Catalyst > Sorc Shoes > Rod of Ages > Archangels Staff > Mejaj Soulstealer > Zhonya's Ring > Lich Bane.
By the end of this, you should have stacked a decent amount of AP + Mana boosting your overload and other skills.

If someone ever tower dives after you, take your snare if you can and in style, say something witty. It makes you look badass. (Okay that was BS, but it makes people mad anyways)

Usually if someone is a good player, they'll know when you're ready to gank (You ult kinda gives it away with the lightning on you) so you can try not using your ult or you can use it then flash up to them, W-E-Q. You don't wanna risk using Spell Flux first, if they have flash.

I'm not exactly a godly Ryze player, in fact nowhere near that... But I know him fairly well, and lack of guides made me want to do this.

Have fun with Ryze~

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Senior Member


I still wonder why people choose Ignite these days for such a nuke-heavy character like Ryze instead of Exhaust, which is the one suggestion I make.

These days I always run Flash/Exhaust on Ryze, simply because of the meta-game of STUPID AMOUNT OF CARRIES. An Ignite may be good for finishing off a person, but it's not gonna prevent them from smacking your face in. With both Rune Prison and Exhaust back-to-back, you've just locked down a physical DPS carry for a good 6 seconds (provided they don't have Cleanse, and simply speaking too many are so confident they rarely do.)

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Blixa Bargeld



Soulstealer AFTER archangel? How long games do you play?

Also your nuke order isn't optimal at all. You suggest casting Desperate power and then Overload, Rune prison... etc. This is wrong.
Arcane mastery (Ryze's passive) suggests to cast Overload then Desperate power. DP need to be cast BEFORE Overload hits it's target.
Overload -> Desperate power -> Flux/prison -> you get the point.
Not only you save 1 second cd off your next Overload but you also get Desperate power's bonus effects on your first Overload, if you manage to hit this combo off in time!
This makes a difference. A huge one. try it and see.
As of your item build, i dont think it is optimal either, but thats just my point of view.

Also, the lizzard buff make you the true powerhouse, you might want to add that as well.

I enjoyed reading your guide, btw.