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Nidalee - The Bestial Huntress

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Here are some tips to help someone who is struggling to use Nidalee effectively.

Nidalee is a mix of both range and melee, but you can't use her melee until game level 6. Her human form is her range, and her Cougar form is melee. Her ult (or R move) lets her switch between human and cougar form. Nidalee is an amazing flee, and hardly dies if used by an expirienced summoner. She can be viewed as an assist, as she can heal allied champions as well as herself. In cougar form, she is very quick in chases. You should stack her with high attack damage. Bloodthirster is a good choice.

In human, she is a sharp shooting ranged character. In human you can use these moves:

Javelin Toss(Q) - She throws her javelin in a straight line. If a minion, pet, or spawn gets into the way, they take the damage. It pretty much damages whatever it hits first. It doesn't track either, so you have to be a good shot. As it flies, it gathers damage. If playing against Nidalee, run toward the toss, and not away, as it will hurt you less the closer you are.

Bushwack(W) - She lies a trap into the ground. It's visible, but only slightly. The trap does light damage, but reveals the target while lowering their armor and magic resistance. This trap is extremely effective when battling such champions as Evelynn. Placing them in the grass will make it so they're not wasted on minions, and will give you a heads up if you are being stalked.

Primal Surge(E) - She grants an allied champion, or even herself, health. She also gives them increased attack speed for a short time. This unfortunately takes alot of mana, while gaining not much health in the lower levels. Mana consumables are highly recommended. Once this is powered up, it comes in handy. She is a great team assister because of Primal Surge. Using Primal Surge on yourself while attacking a turret is smart, as your attack speed shoots up, even if you don't need the health.

Aspect of the Cougar(R) - She transforms into a cougar. Her movement speed is slightly increased; this always comes in handy. The cougar is her melee point, and is very effective against crowds of minions. All of the cougar's attacks require no mana or health. They also have very short cooldowns. It's effective in chasing, or waiting for your mana to get higher.

In cougar form, her moves are:

Takedown(Q) - This move requires strategy to be truely powerful. The lower the target's health, the more powerful Takedown is. This can be viewed as her most damaging attack if used at the perfect time. Use this last while the rest of your abilities are cooling down, and you will soon be stacking up kills.

Pounce(W) - She jumps forward, and deals a small amount of damage. It isn't good in combat, but very useful in chasing, or fleeing. While chasing, it gives you a boost of covered area. If the target is using ghost because of low health, you can pounce and put him down. The smallest amount of damage can make or break the battle. The short leap forward is just as effective while fleeing. It puts more distance between you and your stalker.

Swipe(E) - She claws all enemies infront of her, dealing a moderate amount of damage. This is effective when dealing with those little rows of annoying minions. It's powerful enough to take a row down with a combination of pounce and swipe. Since it uses no mana, she is an amazing push through minions.

Nidalee's passive is another aspect to her that makes her an amazing flee or chase. While in brush, her movement speed is greatly increased. *If you are being chased in cougar form, pounce into the brush. The combination of the covered area gain and the movement will put a large gap, enough to get away safely. If in human, run into the brush and use Primial Surge. It heals you while being unseen, and gives you the movement to get away, with the health boost as a backup. *If you are chasing in cougar form, run through the brush to get the movement, then pounce. Once you are next to the champion, use Swipe, then Takedown. The combination of pounce and swipe will make takedown extremely effective. If you are chasing in human form, run through the brush to get the movement, then use Javelin. A good shot is all luck in human, but effective if you nail it. If they're still alive, use Primal Surge on yourself, and use the increased attack speed to finish them.

1. Use her passive to your advantage! If you see brush, go into it. Going out of your way will be paid off, plus more. When I say greatly increased, I mean it. It can quickly determine you the winner of the showdown.
2. Stacking Nidalee in attack damage can make her a worthy opponent, or godlike ally! By game level 18, you can have her attack damage to 250+ from an average game if you have good attack runes and items. Stacking defence is wasted, as she's a good flee. She has Primal Surge for attack speed, so attack damage shouldn't be her number one. She has Primal Surge, so lifesteal is a waste.
3. Use Takedown last! Using it first does very small damage, when using it last will really hurt them.
4. To increase your aim of Javelin toss, go to a side of the lane into brush! Minions are rarely in the way, and if it hits to where one last attack would finish them, you have the speed from her Passive.
5. If accessable, use clarity and ghost as your spells! All of her human abilities use alot of mana. Consumables don't get them up fast enough. Don't worry about healing spells or consumables. Use mana spells and consumables, and simply use Primal Surge. It will also grant you the attack speed. Ghost will aid her in those tight chases to give the pouce an extra boost, and it will increase her effectiveness and a flee.

Nidalee costs 3150 Influence Points, or 975 Riot Points. She is a very worthy investment, as she is an amazing champion. Good Luck using Nida.