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Please re-calibrate Corki's Missle Barrage

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Check out the screenshots (The red dot indicates my mouse position), when you fire Missle Barrage, the rocket trail is way off from your curser. I don't know why nobody else has noticed it, but this has been a big problem for a while now especially because I can't use SHIFT+R to fire faster during hectic teamfights. Many times the difference between them winning or losing is one missed Big One because of the weird calibration of MB. I place my curser on them or in front of them where they are headed but the missiles miss. I can compensate by just pressing R to shoot instead of SHIFT+R but i think that's just completely unfair. We already have a hard enough time without CC, having to deal with Valkyrie, having to farm, and move the screen with the mouse. When really fast teamfights occur having to do everything at once becomes impossble.

In addition, the trail seems to lag even further away from the curser when you are sweeping in around the screen, making it even harder to shoot fleeing enemies. I mean, ezreal gets a spot on across-the-map indicator for his ult, why should Corki have to deal with a crappy calibrated aiming system?

Please fix this, it would be a great help if this could get fixed in the next patch!