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From an experienced Udyr player

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With all the crying and after experiencing what Udyr handled like before and after every patch since he was released, it has become pretty clear that Udyr was overbuff'd and need a nerf. Luckily, I've been playing Udyr since he was released and he's my favorite charachter and it would be easy in my opinion to nerf this hero to a balanced state. My solution would be to increase the cooldowns back to what they were when he was released. After the first buff Udyr was given, he could become above average at any time in the game. It was easy to jungle with him and if you get the buff from the lizard, you can just stun a guy, he'll be slow and receive some DPS from the buff and basically, he should be dead by the time he reaches his tower. If he reached it anyway, you could tower dive with the shield from the turtle and achieve killing whoever you targeted. The first buff to Udyr was a necessity, but the cooldowns were so low, the possibilities were huge. If you get a golem buff with a sheen, it was really strong early game. So he was pretty strong after the first buff. The second is just ridiculous. It brought a lot of good ideas, like the fact that you could swith faster if you had 3 stances rather than 2. The bear needed a little nerf indeed, but the buff to pheonix is insane. It's explained later in the post. The problem with Udyr right now: He's unfair and too easy to play, making him boring to play. So, with my solution of switching the cooldowns like they used to be when he was released, but with what he was given after the first patch buffing him. The only thing I'd keep from this patch is the change to bear form and the fact that switching through 3 stances is faster than just 2. The only problem this may cause, is that late game he'll be much stronger than early. Anyway, I'll explain in this post how my solution would affect the hero. Keep in mind, this is from the perspective of an Udyr player. I understand the hero and I know what's wrong with him.

Tiger Stance: Well nothing really needs to be fixed for this stance. That stance is effective in combat and on buildings. Increasing his cooldowns will only make it impossible to tank a tower by stance dancing from turtle to tiger. It's clearly possible to do that at the moment BTW (When you have most of your items of course)

Turtle Stance: Well the shield will still be as powerful. It'll still absorb the damage of one spell, but it'll absorb it less often. It'll also be impossible to have infinite shield against let's say the dragon early game.

Bear Stance: With the use of a golem buff, it's easy to obtain a permanent increased movement speed. Now they've reduced the speed enough, but before it was faster than what ghose would give you. So it'll be harder to pursue someone 1v1 or early game. But, as soon as you swithc to this one, the stun'll be ready.

Phoenix stance: With such low cooldowns, the Phoenix stance was rendered useless. So Riot games buff'd it in a really odd manner. It worked and a bit too well, since it's possible to have that AP, DPS and additional damage buff in permanence, which is OP. If you fix the cooldowns, you'll stay longer in pheonix, which will let you the time to burst additional damage from the passive. This would have improved the stance, without improving the hero.

Creep buffs: Loads of people, including myself, think that Udyr with creep buffs is really good early game if not OP. With increased cooldowns, my shield won't allow me to absorb damage from the golem/lizard like it does right now (All damage absorbed). This means that jungling early game will become harder and I won't be able to just come out of the forest, hit a hero with the lizard buff and a sheen and get a kill out of it. Also, the cooldown reduction from the golem won't bring the cooldown of the stances to 3.6 seconds late game.

Build: Right now, You can change 3 times to other stances for the cooldown of one. (If your cooldown is 6 seconds, you can change 3 times / 6 seconds. With that, I just think it's great to go for a sheen early game. It builds a trinity force which helps Udyr in EVERY way. Early game, a sheen can double the damage of 1 attack out 3. It's pretty strong if you ask me. With increased cooldowns, the sheen won't be as much effective as right now. The trinity force may also seem like a late game choice rather than your first item. It's pretty ridiculous that only having a trinity force is enough to start carrying your team in some games.

Conclusion: increasing the cooldown of Udyr is the best solution for him. He won't be as good early game, he'll be harder to build than he is right now, he'll need more items to carry a team, his stances will be less effective and mainly, he'll be fun and challenging to play once more.

Like another user said on a other thread: Udyr is supposed to be Jacks of all, master of none and his goal would be either to stay that jack or to master one. Right now, he's jacks of all, MASTER OF ALL and that is just flawed design.

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I also have played udyr since he came out and i really liked the challenge aspect of it. He could be played well, but it took work and smarts. Now he's just another boring physical DPS. I don't even like playing him this patch because its just too easy. I also agree that the reduced CDs are the one and only thing really making him OP. With 9 sec CDs and 2-3 sec global CD, makes him much more balanced. (btw, i have over 100 games as udyr, most of which were around his release.)