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[RunningTaco]Guide to Team Leader Ashe.

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Hello guys I am RunningTaco and I have been expirementing with Ashe I have folowed every build and guide on the forums and I even tried AP Ashe lol that was epic fail. And I beleive to have found a build that works extremely well and it alows you to be the factor in team fights to continue a push and not be forced to retreat at the inhibitor.

Skill Build
Get Volley first then Frost shot and you ulti whenever posssble lvl 6/11/16 and then get your gold skill last since it doesnt really help much at all.

If you are interested in Skills and Passive information just check one of the other guides its been posted already enough.

21 0 9 Standard is fine.

Summoner Spells
Flash-Ashes only means of escape
Heal-Its always good to have.

Runes-Atack speed every single rune and quint slots should be for atack speed. Simple enough.

Item Build
1. Daggger and 1 hp pot for starting->Most people will argue that Meki pendant would be better but I always get malady first.
2.Second Dagger and Vampiric Septor
3.Now get 600 more gold and turn it into a Malady.
4.Berserker Boots
5.Now here is a small choice to make depending on the other team get a meki pendant and either leave it as a meki or turn into into a philosophers stone.
6.BF Sword
7.BF Sword
8.Recurve Bow

9.Recurve -> Last Whisper
10.BF -> Black Cleaver
11.BF -> Blood Thirster
12.Sell Philosophers and get IE.

Why those items I thouht IE was UBER LEET PWNAGE for Ashe?
I'm no entirely sure why some people believe that IE should be an item you rush for as Ashe I find that IE is over rated. I feel that Getting just 2 BF swords and a recurve is the most cost efective. However I'm sure someone will do some math to prove I'm wrong. However math doesnt factor in alot of other things that will happen ingame.

The one time I did finish my build though which has only happened once I even had around 10k left over I was owning children I was single handedly holding off the other team from getting to our nexus. I was criting for about 1.1k on squishys and 800-900 on tanks and when you have close to 2 atack per second that is truely devastating.
Refer to atachment for proof.

Play Style
Once you have your first BF Sword you are now a team leader break from your lane if you are soling mid there is no problem with leaving your lane unatendad at this point as long as you have not lost a turret. Remeber a team without TL Ashe is nothing and TL Ashe without a team is also nothing. I highly recomend against going solo you are extremly easy to take down if you are pushing alone. Now from early game to late game continualy harass do not stop spamming volley unless you are in need of mana for you Ulti.

The reason I call him TL Ashe is because when your team is retreating and they see you walk into battle they should turn around and continue fighting as soon as you go into a team fight hit their strongest DPS with your ulti. Ie: like hit a Teemo, Yi, Ryze, Kat pretty much their killer. Now by doing this your are exploting 2 of most if not all of DPS caracter weakness. That is they are squishy so you arrow will take off like 1/4-1/3 of their HP and that while stunned they are usless and are pretty much guaranteed dead. Once their dps is down the rest is just clean up the battle field and push. DO NOT use you ulti on a tank unless he is the only one left it is a total waste as the atack itself will do 1/10 of his HP as damage on a good tank and he will eaisly live through the stun.

Remeber when an enemy is running away to turn on frost shot and hit volley whnever possible since its extreme range will hit them as long as they are still in sight.

Ashe is not a ganker dont try to use him as one most of the time they will run away with about 1/4 of their hp left and you just wasted all you skills and mana. If you want kills with Ashe you can easily get them but stay on a lane. Ashe is the best champion IMO at getting straight forward kills just Stun->Volley-> Auto atack and Ashes great range will finish them off.

Now as for getting ganked. No one has ever succeeded at ganking me 1v1. I've shut down Shackos, Teemos, Warwick, Kats, Yis, and pretty much every gank hero. How you ask? Well like I said above your ulti exploits their weaknesses I've had Shackos jump from the brushes and before they could get their clone out they got a stun in the face and I finished them off with 4-5 auto atacks. Warwick some poeple say is harder to kill when he ganks but no hes not there is a very slight delay from when he pops up next to you to when he actaully starts atacking when he used his ult I use this small delay to flash like 2 steps back and he will stand their wacking the air unable to move untill his ulti is over so he basically stunned himself as soon as he can mive BOOM I hit him with my arrow he is stunned again and by this point hes taken so much damge even if he runs volley will finish him.

Lol and a quick FYI to those getting owned by shacko when he goes stealthed theres a huge red smoke that goes off and by that you can tell what direction he is going and be ready for him.

If you see one teammate getting chased atack the chaser most of the time the chaser is to busy focusing on your teammate to see you or that his healthed is going down and it is an easy kill for you and you teammate didnt die.

Now here is another small bit that will help you. In a team fight who atacks tanks? DPS guys. Ok who is more affected by your arrow?DPS guys. Now with that what does it tell you?Use your tanks to lure out their squishys it sounds dumb but if you pay atention to the game you will realize most tanks do so low damage that dps caracters will notice this and charge them since their damage will still cut though their hp and the tanks damage will usually be able to be looked past. Unless its a well played Alister or something but how often do we see those?

Ending Notes
Ashe is a Carry so go ahead and carry your team to victory.

Feedback is welcomed. =D

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unless I am mistaken last whisper and black cleaver are not a good pairing of items.

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you posted this topic twice remove one.

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flat eric



Some haste is a good thing, but going all haste on a hero that gets such a strong benefit from pure damage is not the best idea. If you know how to last hit properly it's better to get crit and cooldown runes

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I always thought ashe was a woman.
post op tranny?

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IE > stacking BF sword, read some post...

Philosopher stone is fail on Ashe, get a Catalyst.

Malady as first item is ******ed, you need attack speed for a lifesteal item to be efficient.

Ashe is a carry when you're lvl 15 and play againt bottom elo.

If noone succefully ganked you 1v1 you play gainst terribad players. Ashe is one of the eaistest to get on 1v1, even easier if you are Shaco, Yi, Twitch, etc.

Teleport > Heal

TL;DR Bad guide

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I tried out this guide and I didn't like the items at all, at least in that order.

I usually get:

Berzerker boots or Mercury Treads
You could put Malady in here
Then I go for wits end if it's caster heavy or stun heavy Banshee's or Infinity Edge
After that It's your choice.

This is the best combo I've seen item wise so far. I find it easy to get away from ganks as well. I use cleanse and flash as spells.