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style team lineup

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listen to this and read on.


its about the hard rock heavy metal speed metal pimp tryndamere and his *****es. why? because he has the biggest phallic object in game and i hope somebody will make a skin with a guitar for a sword and some sleeves like that slayer guitar guy. tryndamere is the epic wet dream of manowars lead singer

anyway, the man doesnt need his groupies, but the groupies need him
so here are the pros pro babes to bang head

morgana - hard rock babe, hangover is a question of lifestyle

evelynn - she is very flexible, and can surprise the man. and blue.

katarina - need a redhead in the group. some more ladder is always welcome too

poppy - anyone who wouldnt have her in that team has not had her in bed yet

goth annie wants to play with them but shes too small for the man with the face on his skirt

its basically of no matter what the girls do in the game as long as they know hwo is the man! feed him kills, let him last hit things and read evry wish from his lips. and if something defies her barbarian king she does not hesitate to take a killing blow instead of him, so she can die happily and headbanging in his strong arms tryndamere can take solo lane or get fed some kills by morgana until laneing is over or enemy turret is destroyed. dont forget to whirl through a wall sometimes to kill some wraiths or something.win the game and listen to guitar music.and if you get destroyed by a better team,die glorious and screaming. and remember the bigger cause.