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{sketch/diskussion] sci-fi team

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sci-fi alien invasion ftw

resistance is futile! the intergalactic overlordage has begun and planets crumble under their scourge of slimy tentacled orbital hitec gadgetism.

[kassadin] the captain of the crew who is on a intergalactic prowl for minerals and genetic material for his ultimate pride of creation to unleash it on the whole universe to get more and more.

[cho.gath] who is kept on diet during interstellar travel and gets a shot of hyperindonuklleoprotein, a very rae substance made out of the sweat of fish on his homeplanet. its very rare because he ate them all. His instinct tells him that he could try brain cells as well.

[blitzcrank] it aint steam, its ectoplasma! The titan platet dreadnought from deep space crushes a aisle trough to make way for his masters and their plans. As long he gets satisfied with ultra nano gadgets he wont go postal during long space travel.

[malphite] they dont know where exactly they picked this one up and he dont speak much. but he is "moving as fast as i can" and can bring some chaos to the party. some believe that his body is made out of meteorites which are the habitat for gen assimilating protozoa. the nasty ones !!!

[ufo corki] w/the highly anticipated ufo skin only! this and our christmas runebooks separate the old from the new school. watch with one's own eyes. its true !!! they are comming !!! saver your souls !!!!

1.proof =>

2.proof =>

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y, i have seen that ufo