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[Guide] Twisted Fate -- Doin' it

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My username is EvetSX17 and I'm a member of x17. I come from a long line of members and friends who are Twisted Fate players and he's my most used/best hero. I’ve been playing him for a long time and I’m consistently very successful with him in normal games, vs premades, and in inhouses. The opinions below are a compilation of those shared by said friends/members and personal experience. TF is not recommended for beginners. By choosing him, you are appointing yourself carry + team captain so do so lightly.

Wild Card -- Wild Card is amazing for harassment against squishys when laning and is completely spammable. Two cards go to the side and one goes straight forward so you can click it on an enemy hero and it will hit him provided he stands still. Use it immediately everytime you gold card someone since they will be rooted. It’s excellent crowd control on creep waves particularly when you have lots of ability power. Believe me when I tell you this ability is capable of doing heavy damage when you’re built/leveled.
Pick a Card -- Gold card follows red card by 1 second. Red card follows blue card by 2 seconds. Blue, Red, Gold. The roulette won't always start on blue, but cards will always appear in that order. Tap W a second time to lock in the gold card. You can count "one one thousand" or lock it by feel. If you lock a blue card the roulette will start again after you throw it.
The more you practice it the easier it gets and you’ll be able to do it while looking at the map or running/chasing.
Gate – After you get all three, spec this everytime you can. Specing it reduces its cooldown and the ability to spam gate is crucial. Never miss out on an opportunity to gank/fight with your allies or eat a creep wave.
Destiny – Casting destiny not only slows and reveals enemy champions, but it cuts your gate time in half. You could compare it to karthus’ ult because you can gate next to anybody with low health to finish them off globally. Use it to gank, slow enemies for your allies to catch up, slow enemies for your allies to get away, and check where your enemies are while baroning. It’s excellent for team battles as well to make sure your team is the one jumping theirs instead of vice versa.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: When you gate in to gank, sometimes the 1 second stun isn’t enough. Throw an exhaust on the enemy so your teammate can finish him off.
Ignite: Kill Steal your teammates FTW.
Flash: Gate into the bushes and flash in to gold card for a non-destiny gank. Lock a gold card out of range and flash towards your enemy to initiate a gank in your lane with allies waiting to jump him. Escape from compromising positions in a team battle since you can’t take damage.
Clairvoyance: it’s nice to know what you’re teleporting into. Also one of fate’s purposes as a carry is to gain intel on the map. On a miscellaneous note, there’s nobody better suited for laying down sight wards on the map than TF. Make sure to put one at baron late game.

Build Order:
I hate to provide a cookie cutter build especially on TF because it truly depends on team composition. If your team is primarily AP build for DPS. If your team is primarily DPS build for AP. If there’s a veigar and a blitzcrank on the enemy team build a banshees veil. If you’re protecting stacks build a leviathan etc.
Never bother with regen on TF because you can always blue pill and gate back to your lane.
The main areas of focus should be in this order: AP, DPS, Cooldown Reduction, Anti-Squish (items with passives that remove debuffs, add HP, add armor), Crit.
As previously stated, build early game for AP and late game for DPS.
With all that said here’s a typical TF build that you will hopefully take with a grain of salt.
1. Boots of Mobility – Personal preference mostly. I like to be able to sprint in and gold card or sprint away since TF doesn’t take damage.
2. Soulstealer – As far as I’m concerned this item’s a must. Get it early so you are credited for your early/mid-game ganks/assists. You’ll be doing a lot more killing/assisting than dying no doubt and if you play it smart/passive you shouldn’t be dying at all. At full stacks you’ll be granted 200 AP which is amazing for the cost with a nifty 15% cooldown bonus which is tremendous.
3. Lich Bane – AP and the passive procs just from rouletting your gold card which means every gold card you throw deals bonus damage itself. Depending on cooldown that gives you a chance to proc again from wild cards. In other words it improves your burst damage.
4. Brutalizer – Damage, Armor Pen, Cooldown Reduction. Cheap and builds up nicely. Enough said.
5. Rageblade – Covers both your AP and damage bases and transitions smoothly to the DPS segment of your building.
6. Infinity Edge – At this stage in the game your wild cards will be 1 shotting through creep waves and you should be stinky rich. Time to up your damage and crit chance. Your basic attacks will hit as hard as ashe and you’ll be able to knock towers.
Other great items include: leviathan, nashtor’s tooth/stinger, zhonha’s ring, trinity force, Deathfire Grasp, Elixir of Perseverance

AP, Cooldown, Magic Pen, Crit Chance, Crit Damage.

AP or DPS?
The general consensus on my vent, among clan members, and on the forum is early game AP late game DPS. Mid game TF needs wicked burst damage when he gates in for ganks. Remember that gold card similar to parley deals both physical and magic damage.

Solo Mid
TF is the ultimate carry. No other hero can be at any point in the map in an instant to deal heavy burst damage and stun. Demand to solo mid until level 6 always.

The Art of Ganking
Early/Mid game you will be ganking. Like any global ulter, map awareness is crucial. If someone in a lane is battling, or an enemy is low on health its time to teleport in for a gank. Make sure you have destiny and gate off cooldown and you have the mana to cast them, then announce to your teammates that you are porting in. Lock a gold card first, then pop destiny and gate right next to your enemy. When destiny is activated, gating takes half as long. They'll be slowed so don't worry -- they aren't going anywhere. Start rapidly clicking them as you're gating in because if you don't select your target at the moment you're fully gated you might throw your card at a creep or something. Right clicking early will NOT cancel the gate as long as destiny is active. Provided that they don't flash or cleanse, you are virtually guaranteed at least 3 shots on them: the gold card itself, wild cards thrown immediately after, and 1 auto-attack. When TF is built correctly, these 3 shots will deal burst magic damage which is why AP + sheen/lich bane are paramount. More on that later. Make sure to sprint back to mid after ganking immediately so it doesn't get pushed if you've neglected it.
Remember that TF can't take damage and he doesn't do a lot either which makes him a horrible fighter. Gate in only when it yields strong tactical leverage such as stunning for a teammate fighter or polishing off an already low health squishy unless you are ultra-levelled/fed.

Early/Mid Game
TF's job is to insure that all 3 lanes are on “lockdown”. With the ability to gate to any lane in an instant, stun, and nuke there's no excuse to lose a tower on any lane. Take note of who the squishys are and which lanes are being pressured. Repeatedly ask your teammates if they want a gank. Any time a lane is engaging in battle you need to be there instantly. If a teammate is killed, prepare to gate to his lane to pick up the slack until he respawns and returns to his lane to defend.

Team Battling
TF is highly dependent on items. That said, you should always be farming. Provided gate + destiny are up, you need not ever travel with your team thus affording yourself precious creep kills + XP. When the moment comes, ult and gate in at the position that is most advantageous.
Fate's largely impotent when it comes to team battling compared to tanks, fighters, and mages. The fact of the matter is his time to shine has come and gone by late game. Make your primary goal disabling the enemies primary DPS/AP i.e: Twitch, Yi, Tristana, Veigar, Annie etc. using your gold card stun and/or exhaust which also makes it easier for your team to get to them and focus them down.

Respond to this guide with feedback negative or positive. Let me know if you find it helpful.

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As far as I'm concerned, I simply disagree with the fact that TF DPS is better late game than TF AP. These are just 2 different types of playing the game.
If you go AP, go burst hit and run, which provides more survivability. If you go DPS, you need to maximise your damage by auto attacking, which lowers your survivability. It's all a matter of circumstances.

Still, AP TF et DPS TF should begin the same way : boots, sheen are still a must for him when he reaches level 6-7, in order to gank in an efficient matter.

I totally follow the AP beginning of your build, and after, I don't really like to go hybrid. Only if they are building a lot on magic def', and when I don't want to go Void Staff. I prefer to build, if my mejai is stacked a lot, on more survivability since I normally dominate in burst damage, and if not I would go on a lil' more AP to maximise Lichbane, and so betting on my skills to disable, burst and survive.

Another point. Item with CD reductions "could be" a waste on TF, since everyone should agree that the golem rune should go on him, always, in order to maximise the number of ganks (and help him on mana regen, which sometimes lack cruely in some difficult moments). Of course, Mejai is a must anyway.

Hope I've raised some interesting point. Nice guide anyway, better than some I've already seen.