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How to be totally immune to bans.

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It's true. The worst trolls I've seen to date have all been 1600 or above.

Honestly, afking from level 1 after one silly death is nothing. I actually hope for that outcome in most cases. It's better than continuing to rage feed while flaming the rest of the team into quitting with them.

4v5 is easily salvageable. If you're lucky you can actually use it to give you an early advantage, basically ensuring 4 solos while limiting enemy kills (less players = less targets = less feed). If they band together early, you can usually crutch a tower to secure some kills, and depending on your team comp, offer a decent counter offensive afterward.

4*v5 is a hopeless errand. The asterisk indicating you happened to be paired with one of the trolls mentioned before, or any of the many other infamous bads who managed to get carried into the higher tiers.