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Fiddlesticks : Build and Tactics

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I've played with quite alot of characters, but there were none but Fiddlesticks that made me feel the real meaning of being overpowerful. The skills are easy to use, they have power and they are all very useful... anyway, if you clicked on this post, you have probably played enough game to consider Fiddlesticks as a champion you may want to know more of.

The lines below will describe what I consider as my ultimate Fiddlesticks build, as well as some basics of the use of this amasing character. Don't consider this build as invariable, simply because none are, and that's one of the reasons why this game is so popular.

~Fiddlesticks, The Build~
Runes you may want to have:
For the marks, none are better than MP, and I think everybody will agree with that.
In the seal sockets, I'd choose simple mana regen, not per level, as Fiddlesticks have a greater need of mana in the first part of the game, and almost none later.
I'd fill the glyphs with AP runes, but that's a simply personal choice.
Consider to put movement speed or +2% exp gained as quintessences.
Now for the masteries:
First, utility: 3 Perseverance, 1 in Haste (or spacial accuracy, but I prefer ghost), 4 in Awareness, 2 in Expanded Mind, 3 in Mediation, 3 in Quickness, 1 in Blink of an Eye (if you get Flash, which I do), 3 in Intelligence, and surely 1 in Presence of the Master
Than, offence: 3 in Archmage's Savvy, 1 in Deadliness (or Cripple if you get Exhaust), 4 in Sorcery, and 1 in Archaic Knowledge.

Summ spells are, as you saw, Flash/Exhaust, and Ghost. Flash isn't as before, I now consider it less useful than Ghost.
Items, in an ingame order:
1: Boots of Speed + 1 or 2 life pots+1 or 2 mana pots
Boots will allow you to get som pots, and:
2: Sorcerer's Shoes
Speed is pretty much useful all game long, for harassing principally as the enemy still have all of his turrets, and MP is just nice in this part of the game, when the enemy is most probably low MR.
3: If you're doing well, consider Mejai's Soulstealer, otherwise go for an Abyssal Scepter, which will give you som useful AP, MR, and the +20 MP which will reduce the enemy MR below 0 if he haven't bought any MR, and otherwise you got more than 45 MP with your runes, plus a 15% in your masteries (which is very little, as your 45 MP is applied before this 15%)
4: Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Some may want to buy it before the Abyssal Scepter, I'd say I can't decide for now what's the better order. The point is Rylai's give you health, which is really needed to survive a full crowstorm activation, and you will do more damage simply 'cause the enemy champions will be slowed down (and the +80 AP for sure). Anyway, this item is a MUST for Fiddle.
5: If the game isn't finished yet, consider things like Frozen Heart, elixirs, Zhonya's Ring, maybe Lich Bane (never tried it myself), do as you feel.
That's it, you won the game =P

Skills to boost in order, killing machine mode:
1: Dark Wind (really awesome if in bounces 2 times on enemies here)
2: Drain
3: Drain
4: Terrify
5: Drain
6: Crowstorm
7: Terrify
8: Drain
9: Terrify
10: Drain
11: Crowstorm
12: Terrify
13: Terrify
The rest: Crowstorm>Dark Wind

This build is done for the combo Crowstorm-->Terrify-->Drain
You may want to use the mob killer mode, boosting monstly dark wind at first, and not at last.

I'll add up som strategies updates and, if something's missing, feel free to suggest.
PS: feel free to correct my grammatical errors, I know there is some somewhere but my english skills aren't the best.

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Senior Member


I'm not sure I agree with your starting items, I've found doran's ring and a mana potion last me much longer than boots and potions will. Fiddlesticks should never buy health potions at any point during a game, in my opinion.

Also, I think that buying Rod of Ages over Abyssal Scepter is much stronger early game, and gives fiddle a much-needed HP base to do his crowstorming off of. If I can go back to base and buy catalyst at level 6 or 7, I'm going to be happy laning for the rest of the game.

Agree with buying mejai's early, if the other team has squishy killable healers, if they don't, then I would go for abyssal to punch through MR.

I have bought Rylai's maybe 10 times in my 120~ games with fiddlesticks. I'll only buy it after I buy ZHONYA'S RING, and then Lich Bane, as both of those are stronger items for him, imo. The reduced slowing power for crowstorm nerfs Rylai's a bit too much for him, and if you have a rod of ages, you won't really need the extra hp for crowstorm tower diving and stuff.

If no one else has bought frozen heart, and I'm playing versus a physical dps team, then yeah, I guess I might get it, but the tank should really be buying that item in a game...

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The very problem with rod of age is that, it cost too much. I mean, by the time it will be maxed, the game is almost finished. I may underestimate it a bit, but to me it's too much of an average item. For the heath pot, I rarely find it useful, but sometimes it is. Buying two of them may be a little too much, tho (I never do, but I thought maybe it would be useful for som medium players). Plus, if you buy boots at first, you'll need to come back to base before to buy the sorcerer's boots, so you won't need much mana after that.

I agree with the catalyst, it's a strong item and I may buy it more, now that you propose it. For the Zhonya's ring, that's usually one of the last items I buy (high cost, the items needed for aren't the best), so buying Rylai's after is almost meaningless. I think you underestimate this item a bit, even if I don't buy this item in half of my games.

My ratio of wins/losses with fiddlesticks is 55/24. If you're doing better, I may consider more your build :]!

Anyway thanks for your comment, you seem to know pretty well this champ too.