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[Champion Suggestion] Male Dwarf, Thane Under the Mountain

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Admitably, I haven't really thought out the concept like most of the champion suggestions, but just an idea I had.

Dwarves are awesome and they are everywhere in fantasy type games. This game lacks a stereotypical drunk male dwarf with a long beard and a big ass axe or hammer.

His attacks could be typical dwarven things like a Get Wasted thing where he consumes mass amounts of liquor that temporarily boosts his damage reduction/armor. He should probably have a rifle as a secondary or tertiary attack that serves as a snare because dwarves with guns are awesome.

Really, would like to see a character of this type that's something of a melee dps/tank hybrid in the Malphite/Gangplank mold.

Maybe just copy paste existing champions abilities into new ones so that the more popular ones can be played by two people on the same team? Bring like a Ken/Ryu factor into play with a dwarven gangplank.