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Skill Mechanics You'd Like To See

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Back in the days of the old forum, the Feedback & Suggestions subforum had a thread called "Champion Skill Mechanics" for people to post ideas for skill mechanics (NOT necessarily skills themselves, mind you.)

I thought I'd revive this here with a few ideas. You don't have to give yours names, I'm just naming mine for organizational purposes. If this thread starts to get popular I'll keep the first post organized with ideas that have been posted. Please do not use this thread to make champion suggestions. Just individual skill mechanics.

I'll add more to my list over time.


  • Overheat - A nuke with a very short (1s) cooldown, but also an internal cooldown. After being used, if it is used again before the internal cooldown is completed, it deals reduced damage, stacking each time until the internal cooldown is reset.
  • Snowball - A nuke that deals more damage the farther it travels. (-IN GAME- Nidalee's Spear)
  • Dual Wield - For your next attack, damage from purchased items is calculated twice.
  • Shock and Awe - First use, fires a slow-moving orb. If the orb strikes a target, it deals small-to-moderate damage.
    Second use, fires a beam into the orb, detonating the orb. The orb deals moderate-to-heavy AoE damage on targets close to the impact. (-SOMEWHAT IN GAME- Cryophoenix' Flash Frost)

Status Effects
  • Brambles - A debuff that marks an enemy champion. When this champion deals physical damage, a % of it is returned to them as magical damage.
  • Empathy - A debuff that marks an enemy champion. When this champion deals magical damage, a % of it is returned to them as physial damage.
  • Enfeeble - A debuff that reduces your damage by a %.
  • Imprint - An enemy is marked with an image of your champion above their head. They deal greatly reduced damage to your allies, but normal damage to you.
  • Burial - Enemy champion cannot be targeted, but also cannot attack or move. Spells can be cast unless they require movement (Alpha Strike, Headbutt, Poppy Dash)
  • Transference - Select an enemy champion. The timers of debuffs on you are reset and passed on to the enemy. (Can also potentially be changed to positive buffs and allies.)
  • Borne Burdens - AoE, clears all nearby allied champions of debuffs, but inflicts them on the user.

Miscellaneous Active Skills
  • Trance - For the duration of this spell, no damage is dealt to the user. Any time damage would be dealt to the user, it is instead converted to mana (0.2 per point at level 1, scaling to 1:1 at level 5) and refills the champion's mana pool. Lasts a short (3s?) duration. Alternately, this spell could allow damage to be dealt, but still restore the mana.
  • Sprout - A clump of brush is summoned to the field. To balance, this may be on a brief delay after cast, be on a short duration, or disappear once it is cast again.

  • Haggle - Passive, 10% discount at the store.
  • Caravan - Passive, allied players may shop while not at the fountain. (or: While within a certain range of this champion.)
  • Stalwart - Passive, able to continue using skills while stunned, but cannot move or attack.
  • Mana Shield - Passive, a portion (capping at 80%?) of the damage dealt to this champion is instead dealt to their mana. If their mana pool is emptied, all damage is dealt to their health.
  • Natural Camouflage - Passive, While in brush, this champion is stealthed. Short fade time, delayed on damage. Internal cooldown after stealth is broken (by attacking or leaving brush.)

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Status Effects:

  • Enchant: A buff given to the caster, increasing his own abilities in a certain way (Like on a Fireway, Caster's Fire abilities cost lesser mana or something.)

Miscellaneous Active Skills
  • Areal Disease: Infects a large area around the champion with something certain, changing any specific status or ability in a large way.

EDIT 1.: 17.01.10, 13:26 (GMT +1)
Salacavalini (http://forums.lol-europe.com/member.php?u=102813)
Miscellaneous Active Skills
  • Teleport projectile: Shotting a long-distance projectile to a certain area, giving the ability to teleport to the still flying position of the projectile.

Sazabi (http://forums.lol-europe.com/member.php?u=30651)
Status Effects
  • Infusing: The caster loses a certain % of his Hp, but the target recieves so much HP/loses so much HP.