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Velgar Tank Build

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Is there such a thing?

A velgar went Frozen Heart and Archangels staff in our game.

Is that good? He went 0-2-19. i thought velgar was suppose to dps. and go ap?

I guess 0-2 means he didnt die much. but then, he didnt do any damage... he only had 60ish ap.

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not going AP with veigar is such a waste

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Pocky Snacks



What other gear did the viegar have? Arcangel's Staff and Frozen Heart is a decent setup for survivability and damage.

Arcangel's Staff converts 2% of Veigar's mana into AP and Frozen Heart has 10 AP worth of mana, additionally Frozen Heart allows Veigar to reach capped cooldown in conjunction with runes and masteries and consequently also allows him to spam his spells more frequently which in turn builds up more AP and Mana.

Fact of the matter is, Veigar can easilly eliminate his squishiness without sacrificing much damage output. Between Lichbane, Arcangel, Frozen Heart, Rod of Ages, and Rylai's Scepter, Veigar's ability to absorb damage beats most champions.