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Taric tank guide

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This is my first guide and my grammer may suck but, I see there is not any full tank taric builds so I decided to make one. If you like to tank try this build and plz dont reply it sucks no one is invicible if thats what your aiming for if then tough **** as a tank you will be able to survivie but sometimes you get with ****pyt teams that are half ready to run or just ******ed and cant do dps so if you lose a game dont blame it on my build there is so many other factors in a poor tanks life its just the way it is.

Yay skills

Q. Imbue. This is a healing spell most people says it sucks yes it does if your healing someone else but it heals your for 40 percent more so at max its 270 plus 40 percent more thats close to 500 health but it does have a 20 second cd that ticks down by 2 seconds each time you bash someones head in

W. Shatter. Your Farming abillity it gives you armor and when you use it its a aoe that damage all around it and lowers there armor. Of course when its on cd your armor passive for it is too keep that in mind before a team fight.

E. Dazzle This skill should on have one rank early before lvl 6 i usally pick it up at 5 but if you want a stun much earlier pick it up. This skill does do damage but weakens by distance so if you want it to do its max damage at rank5 which is 400 damage then they have to be pretty much humping your leg.BUT THE STUN IS AFFECTED BY DISTANCE FURTHER THEY ARE THE LONGER IT STUNS I BELIVE MAX IS 2.5 SECONDS. Plz dont be ******ed and lvl this every chance you get I REPEAT LVL THIS ONLY ONCE BEFORE LVL6 JUST FOR THE STUN.

R. Radience. This is your ultimate and one of the reasons you can tank so freakin hard It heals you every second and increases your damage by 40/60/80 percent and half of that to teamates really it is just a portable rally. bonus of it is it helps your team dps if they suck. WARNING IT TAKES ONLY 10 MANA TO ACTIVATE BUT IT INCREASES BY 10 EACH SECOND

PASSIVE GEMCRAFT You gain from damage 7.5 percent of that in mana i think which is ok i guess its really a bonus i think this is my theroy on why ******s build taric for attackspeed and lifesteal.


SUMMNER SKILLS Really your choice but i prefer HEAL AND CLARITY OF course if you hate heal i would take ghost great running ability but clarity is a must cuz you will be running low all the time every 3 minutes you get a huge chunk of mana back plus you can use it in a team fight to keep radience going.


Ok now for masteries this is really each to there own put i prefer 21 defense and 9 utility but utility max is totally acceptable

Runes is really up to you also I am going for 15 percent cd reduction i tend not to depend on monster buffs.

ITEMS. Ok plz follow the order i tell you or this build will mess up

1. Start off with meki pendant and two health potions.

2. On your first trip back you should be able to build a CHALICE OF HARMONY and your BOOTS MERCURY OR NINJA TABI it is up to you. You most likley will be able to build GLACIEL SHROUD This gives your 20 percent cd and 500 mana and 36 armor

3. OK on your second trip back build the rest of the FROZEN HEART this finshed gives your 100 armor and 25 percent cd and slows all champs attack speed by 25percent

4.Banshee veil buy the most you can of this on your second trip back preferbly the antimagic cloak but you will probalby only get to finish this on your 3rd trip back or your having one hell of a game and finish it on your second trip back

5. Ok at this time I usally build a FORCE OF NATURE HUGE Heath regen mr and 8 percent more movement speed

6. Its really your choice i usally get past the 4th item but sometimes i get to build force but I would probably build warmogs or a sunfire cape warmogs late game sounds stupid but hell you can build it up quick with shatter and it builds up fast if your getting kills.


Ok Early game you should be dominating your lane if you have a half decent partner you should be able to stay pretty healthy with imbue but your not aiming to kill anything but if your team mate gets in the fight join in you will most likely win since you have heal and clarity unless he is ******ed and goes in with 25 percent health. At lvl 6 you will have radience it pwns but holy **** you have **** mana regen you will be starved but hang in there till you have 3K plus gold if you just cant keep them back leave and go get your CHALICE AND BOOTS BUT IF YOU PREFER THE CD THEN GO FOR IT TARIC HAS SEMI LONG CDS THIS IS ACCEPTABLE BUT TRY TO BUILD BOOTS OF SPEED ATLEAST

Mid game everyone is probably not lanning anymore and theres ganking going on just hang with your teamates and start helping them gank do not solo you dont do a whole lot of damage as this build unless in radience so hang with your team. Learn your team quick here cuz you need to know who the **** runs like a pansy these are the pricks that only gank someone with 1hp and are nubs and greedy ****s that praise themselves. If you have someone that has balls go in then start tanking and let your team burn them down. Just pay attention to who runs when there is any threat at all. Of course have good judgement and dont run into a team of 5 of um unless its to save one or more of your teamates. PLZ HAVE RADIENCE ON BEFORE YOU TANK AT ALL IF YOU DONT YOU FAIL

Late game You have all your items and hopefully your force of nature and you are a force to be reckoned with and you have about 2500 hp 3k plus if you bought warmogs and over 2k mana and you have 200 plus armor and mr and nothing can pretty much stop you. You should be using imbued on yourself everytime it is up which heals you for 500 along with your summner heal thats up and trust me imbue is up alot with 40 percent cd there probably wondering why in the **** can you not die?

Ok I am open to suggestions And i dont get butt hurt over little comments. and if my guide isnt like condons tough **** i cant be funny as him and plz dont tell me the attackspeed and lifesteal guide is better for one **** reason there is no cd and no mana regen so you blow all your **** in 5 seconds in a team fight and just auto attack like a useless piece of **** that guide is fail and always will be fail. Happy tanking boys