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Cho'Gath Feast vs Certain Heroes

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Friend of Urf


There seems to be a number of heroes that Cho cannot feast - the list I have so far:

Blitz when mana shield is active (regardless of how much HP + Mana Blitz has left)
Jax (can't completely confirm this one)

There may be others (I would be interested in which ones)

The issue seems to be with the way that feast works - can anyone confirm this is intended or a bug?

Let's assume my feast does 550 (level 2 of feast). Let's then use Blitz as an example. Let's assume blitz is desperately low on health (say, 100 hp) and he has 200 mana (giving him effectively 300hp). My feast should have on problem eating through his 200 mana and 100 hp. Unfortunately, it looks like feast does exactly his health in damage (100) which then goes towards the mana shield leaivng him with 100health and 100mana.

For poppy, it is similarly true; if poppy has 100 health left and my feast does 550, Since 550 is > 10% of her current health, the feast should only do half damage. .5*550 = 225 which is still greater than her current health and should kill her. Unfortunately, it only does damage based on the remaining health (100) which then gets the 50% applied doing 50 damage and not eating her.

I can't figure out why i can't always feast jax, but I'm almost certain it is the case.

My questions are:
Is this intended?
Are there other heroes that aren't (easily) able to be feasted?

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Senior Member


That is because feast only deals damage when it can't auto kill them. Say, if they have 800 health, the first rank of feast will only deal roughly 300 damage. If they are under 300 health, it just kills them (not exactly sure how the damage works, but I can explain to a point).

So, when used on Poppy while she is at 100 health, the ability only deals 100 damage (as far as I understand), therefore when her passive comes into play, it stops you from killing her. You should still get the feast stack, but not the kill. The same thing applies to Blitz's ult. Since his shield is up, the damage is mitigated.

It needs to be fixed.