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Yet another topic like this...

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MAKE THE STATS BIGGER!! My eyes are really starting to hurt when i finally read these tiny numbers and pressing C is too slow to check your stats rapidly. Is it this hard to do? from a 2 size font make it 5 and everyone will really appreciate it.

+That top left health+mana bars is totally useless and is clearly remains from warcraft 3's hero portrait. You already have the bottom and bottom left health/mana bars/portrait.

+Alliied portraits should have small health/mana bars instead and get a bit bigger.

Yes, i maximised my HUD in the options its still tiny numbers (i wonder if someone actually says "hmm, this hud is too big, lets make it smaller&quot.
And yes, i do know that every LoL forum page has atleast 1 topic like that but until it gets fixed, people will continue to complain.

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get glasses?