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[champion suggestion] Anubhak, the necromancer.

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Name: Anubhak
Tags: Tank/caster/pet/support
Health: Medium
Spells: Very High
Attack: Very low
Difficulty: Very high

You have roughly the same stats as zilean or heimerdinger. You also have a little bit of Karthus in you too.

Anubhak was a proud disciple of Renekhton the god of death. In his desert world war between the gods was always close so Anubhak sided with Renekhton believing the keeper of the underworld would lead him to victory.

While studying the arts of death magic in Renekhton's palace he heard his master yell out in pain and Anubhek quickly rushed to his masters aid, only to find Renekhton's treacherous brother Nasus delivering the final blow to kill his master. Anubhak charged a spell to destroy Nasus but before he could Renekhton energy released from his body sending both Nasus and Anubhak to the land of Runettra.

After absorbing much of Renekhton's power from the blast Anubhak has joined the leage to destroy Nasus in the name of revenge.

Anubhak rides on a small purple and red chariot, he has the head of a red cobra and wears black tattered robes.

I tried to draw him (Me being a semi-decent artist) and i failed miserably, so i did a google search and this is the closest i could find. Sorry its a Yu-Gi-Oh! card...


Anubhek talks in a croaky, sore voice and hiss like a snake over doing it on the words ending in s.

Attack: By the power Renekhton!
attack: sssssslither you wormsssss!

taunt: Prepare to become my ssssslave!

joke: I am the resssident evil!

Move: Fassster fassster!
move: Yesss Sssummoner.

dance: he does the egyption walk-thingy

attack animation: Anubhak flings small purple orbs that move very slowly. simmilar to how karthus attacks.


Leeching stregnth (passive)
Anubhak produces a aura which gives nearby allies weak lifesteal.

Necro Sand Golem (active/passive)
Mana cost: medium
cooldown: 30/25/20/15/15 seconds

Passive: Anubhak gains a necro sand golem minion with high health. upon death of the golem this ability is on cooldown.

Active: Anubhak sacrafices his golem to create a large AOE sandstorm which does weak continuos damadge and slows enemies by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% for 2/3/3/4/4 seconds.

Rundown: You gain a minion that has very simmilar stats to the tank creep. If it gets too low in health you can sacrafice it and gain a AOE slow.

scarab swarm (active)
mana cost: high
cooldown: 30/25/20/25/10 seconds
Anubhak deals a weak damadge over time to a target in range for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds if the enemy dies from this ability you gain 1/2/3/4/5 scarab minions for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds.

Rundown: A weak dot that you should last hit with, if you kill them you gain some extremely weak minions that die in one turret hit.

Curse of Renekhton (active)
mana cost: low
cooldown: 17/15/13/10/5
Anubhak deals damadge to a target and silences then for 0.5/1/1.5/1.5/2 seconds and heals Anubhak for 20%/25%/30%/40%/50% percent of the dsamadge.

Rundown: Deals simmilar damadge to Karthuses lay waste and is great for interupts.

Sacrafice for Renekhton (ultimate)
mana cost: N/A
cooldown: 120/110/100/90/80
After charging for 2 seconds Anubhek sacrafices all nearby ally minions and creeps, and summons Renekhton for one second for each minion sacraficed. if there are no minions sacraficed Renekhton does not appear.

Rundown: You sacarafice a huge ammount of minions for one powerfull ally. He has very powerful stats but can be killed by a champion with a little bit of difficulty. Renekhton is a beast and can wreak weakened towers and enemy champions. He looks alot like Nasus except mummified and all ghosty.

He makes a mediocre mage. His spells to very weak damadge and apply OK debuffs. If personally think he makes a good support based character. His minions can easilly provide tower bait allowing ally champions to have some extra time to kill towers. the debuffs will help allies kill enemies quicker too...

Another reason why you make a good "baby-sitter" is that you need protection. Your slow and you dont have a very reliable stun/slow so a little bit of help comes a long way.

Recomended items
Support, support, support! Alot of the support based items give both health which isnt that bad on you. I think that you will want to use the same items as heimerdinger to help your minions such as soul shroud, aegis of legion, frozen heart.

AP isnt so bad on you either but you will really miss out on the extra health and mana of support, cooldown however is brilliant on you. Most of your abilities have relatively high cooldowns and the more minions the merrier.


I just thought that there was a Egyption theme going on here and alot of players are suggesting necromancer champion so i thought i should comine the two. I tried my best to keep it up with lol's lore so i used Nasus's backstory to help, kind of like how warwicks story is combined with Soracka's and Warwick's. I hope i didnt make him too powerful and i know that at the moment lol's minion system is buggy and needs rethinking.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Champon suggestion if you want to help balance and give constructive critisiscm feel free but no trolling or flaming thanks.

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Final ability is op as well as abusable for sacrificing creeps. Could be used on dragon or baron.

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His Ultimate only affects your ally minions. Sorry i forgot to mention that.

*Scurries off to change final ability*

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Good morning bump.