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[Guide] Udyr – A Very Fearsome Hero in the Right Hands

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Brussel Sprout

Senior Member



Phoenix is far, far better for jungling and farming than Tiger. Against good opponents you WILL need that gold.

In higher level games it'll be very, very hard to get a chance to go exclusive jungle, generally you want to be in a lane close to golem, wolves, and the 4 wraiths/ghosty things so you can quickly run to them, get the gold and exp then go back to a lane. Play conservatively and try **** hard not to die early, if you can get a reasonable amount of gold early/mid, you will be a force to reckon with and will pretty much run amok, if you're starved early, then late game you will have trouble doing significant damage. You will have trouble killing or doing decent damage to champs early in the first few levels. At the same time sometimes with a good ally you can obliterate them early, it all depends on the champ matchups.


Get a mana gem and two health pots for starters.You need the mana to even have a chance of switching stances effectively early game. And you will need the pots for the hassling you will cop when laning. Chances are, they will target you so much you will need the health pots in the first few levels. It's only 70 gold anyway and 400 hp for 70 gold can't be bad.

Next go for ninja tabi boots or mercury treads, depending on the situation. That's your first item. The armor and +10% dodge chance will help you survive, you should be getting decent speed increase from switching stances by now anyway.

Get both Sheen & Zeal next. Your choice on priority. Build to either a Trinity Force and/or Phantom Dancer. Sheen will give you a decent damage boost when switching stances without going for the phage, which, imho isn't really that useful for Udyr, your bear will give you enough speed to catch almost all champs and phoenix will hurt them when you're running after them even if you're not hitting them.

Your choice on priority on the trin/phantom, the dodge on Phantom Dancer will bring your total dodge up to almost +30% and your crit chance will be about 50%. If you're having trouble with magic resist and debuffs, throw in a quicksilver sash anywhere there. I don't mind getting it before trin is completed even. After that, use your head and go for any item that fits the situation.

My thoughts on some of the other items for late game:

Banshee's veil is a waste for the money. You don't need mana late game and a quicksilver sash helps out with debuffs AND magic resist and is cheap to boot.

Another item to consider is Rylai's sceptre late game. Your flames on phoenix will give an aoe slow, health boost and ability power to help with Phoenix and Turtle effectiveness. I prefer Rylai's sceptre to Frozen Hammer because you will already be moving faster than everyone else and you will be switching stances so much when engaging the enemy the sceptre will be slowing them down almost all the time.

Malady can never hurt but I prefer to get something like Sword of the Divine to get some armor penetration, it'll also do more damage with so much attack speed increase from your other items and switch stancing that the extra 100 magic damage should hurt quite a bit. Last Whisper is not bad for armor penetration, damage and attack speed either.

Armor and magic resist like on Guardian Angel can't hurt either. And something like Cleaver, Inifinity edge etc. Any +damage item is never going to hurt, because you will be critting a lot.

Tanking with Turtle Items

If you want to tank it up with Udyr and spam your Turtle excessively during teamfights, go for a Warmog's to increase your longevity immensively, if you can farm a few minions with Phoenix you should be able to charge it up in no time. Leviathon could also be a possibility if you're getting plenty of kills and assists, the damage reduction of 15% fully charged is significant.

Summoner Skills

Smite will help you jungle early, but its useless in champ fights. Cleanse is as close to a necessity as you can get for Udyr as you WILL be targeted first in team fights. Flash is VERY useful too, good for kills mid/late and as an escape mechanism. Or if you prefer to go more aggressive, go for Exhaust, to maybe get some early champ kills. One of cleanse or flash is pretty much necessary because you will ALWAYS be the first to be stunned in a teamfight.


Because I don't jungle straight away I get Bear and Turtle first, I like Bear first, but it's up to you. Get Phoenix as soon as you can afford to and build it up. It's a must for effective farming/jungling and chasing champs. Tiger is for late game to rip through towers like there's no tomorrow or an initial hit on champs after your bear stun. You WILL use Turtle more than you think in ganks/1v2s/team fights/pretty much anything so level it up quickly too. I normally level up Phoenix and Turtle fairly even with the odd bear bonus to increase that closing/chasing speed. After your initial bear stun when fighting another champ, don't be afraid to go turtle straight after, chances are after the initial stun they will use their skills against you straight away. Phoenix is your big damage, you'll be doing plenty of physical AND magical damage to them so they will have to get both physical and magical resist to combat you effectively. Use your head and add points depending on the situation.


Evasion to increase dodge, magic resist to improve survivability early and some more attack speed. +crit damage runes won't hurt either seeing you'll be doing so much critical damage mid/late. Quints of evasion give a +1.5% bonus to dodge too. I think cooldown reduction is a waste on Udyr as once your skills are leveled up sufficiently you will be changing stances crazy fast anyway.

Last words

I've played well over 100 games with Udyr and currently I'm finding this kind of build to be very effective with a decent early game. It's still hard as hell laning against good damage ranged champs tho'. The expensive cost of stances early game sets you back, even if you're using turtle effectively to soak up their abilities and spells.

If you have a decent early game, you WILL be able to overpower pretty much anyone in the game in mid to late stages of the game. But that's exactly why the opposing team will target you so badly early game. More often than not, you'll own everyone unless you've been starved of gold. If you get a few easy kills it's not that hard to run rampant. I've won a few 4v5s exclusively because they didn't shut me down early, once you've got the items, you'll tear through them in no time.

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Senior Member


What's your point Brussel Sprout? You just copy pasted the whole guide.

edit: Sorry, disreguard the former statement, just realised it's copy pasta from an other guide.

But this sounds allot like elitist junk the way you put it. Just saying his guide is trash then posting yours instead of actually pointing out anything to how his method is wrong...

Pros and cons or it didn't happen.

btw, the way I invested into my runes was all out AS except for the yellows which are dodge and I was thinking of putting in movement speed quints. So far, the dodge helps since it stacks so well with monkey and the loss to AS from it is inconsequencial in my own opinion, but I'm not real sure if the move speed will really be worth losing 10% AS or not. Theoretically, the extra chase should help with the bear speed nerf. Thoughts?

Also, the title should have been Udyr: Dangerous in any hands, terrifying in the right ones.

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Junior Member


using the original guide posted on this link i've racked up 8 wins and one loss with Udyr and a plethora of complaints from opposing teams about Udyr being OP.

You need phoenix off the bat imo. Mainly because i use it on the first creep minions closest to the tower (normally golems) and get an easy lev 2. Also it has ranged damage so you can behind minions and still damage players near them without being in direct contact. after that i go to lane for a lil and heal up on minions using turtle making sure to hang around the tower. Make sure your team mate knows that your being defensive or he may start charging off thinking your going to follow him/her. I go in and out of the jungle to the lane, as soon as smite is up or rally i go to jungle, then go back to lane. When i can afford boots, recall, and stick to jungle, keeping an eye out for my sides lane and a gank from the river, through the grass. I know some people say to go for trinity first, and id love to but i have never been able to accumulate the amount of gold needed for the suggested two items, so malady is normally the next item.

After Malady its normally a breeze to grab easy ganks. If your lane is playing defensive then hes going to be hanging around tower gathering exp from tower kills and gold from minions he/her is finishing off. In the mean town, double team on mid or go 3v2 on the opposite ends lane. At 12-14 i normally have a complete trinity force and am working on infinity or depending on situation frozen mallet for life, so i can eat towers for gold and exp. I have never used tiger for anything.

Even after dying early in the game 3-4 times between lev 1 and 5 i can still come back to grab more kills than deaths (ratio at the least 2:1). I should probably change my name to first blood....only because im usually the first to die.

Reasons for death by Udyr
1. Over aggressive
---trying to hard to get a gank and resulting in your demise
2. Death by minion
---Thought you could take something on in your current condition and you were wrong
3. Ganked
---keep an eye out on where you are and where the enemy is. If they're missing and you have a path leading to you from the rear and side...relocate. Go jungle in the mean time as there planning on seeing you in that lane.

Skill wise, smite helps a lot in the beginning and for quickly grabbing buffs. Rally is also useful late game for when you've pushed deep into enemy base or are trying to turn the tide of a battle on your side of the map.

I've posted way too much on Udyr but i've enjoyed this guide so much.

and apparently brussel is a god!!??

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TB Once

Senior Member


This is very close to how I play Udyr as well. turtle any time I can take it, one level of bear level 2, and the phoenix.

I've found Udyr is amazing at soloing turrets, and so if my team is being pushed but can handle a team v team battle I like to sprint over to a turret and take it down. Forcing 1-3 enemy's to come gank me. Then my team either kills the people who stick around or push back. My flash comes in very handy now because as soon as I see the other team show up I'm not even there anymore.

One thing I noticed is you do not address his mana problem. Until level 13 or so he runs out of mana very very quickly. Since the latest patch his turtle leech isn't good enough to make up for this anymore. My second item since then is ALWAys a chalice to provide almost infinite mana (I sell it later on if the game goes long enough). Then a phage gets me health/dmg/slow chance, infinity edge makes able to take down squishies in 2-4 hits, and then i start get sheen-->triforce. This build has been working very well for me. If I get some ap and magic pen late game I can ruin a whole team's push by myself, killing one or two of them.

Same question as above. Do you think the early game advantages or your build outweigh this?

If you're jungling right, you should never have a real problem with mana; let me explain.

Focus on getting the golem's neutral buff first (blue). Going there first ensures that you'll be able to clear all the neutrals on your side without having any mana problems (as it regens your mana). Also, clearing the lizard neutral buff second (red) is essential for a proper gank at level 4-5.

Ideally the start of your game should look like this:

Step 1. Clear the golem area with the neutral buff. Then go down and clear the nearby camp. hit B.

Step 2. Clear the lizard area with the neutral buff. Then clear the other two nearby camps. hit B.

Step 3. Buy your level 1 boots at the shop, then go and gank.

Personally, I find going smite + flash works perfect for this. With all Marks and Quints. as attack speed, you should be able to pull this off without needing to use rally. Flash works perfect for Udyr both as an initiator to flash then run in with bear stance, and to get away from late game team ganks.

Smite is also great because it makes it easy to kill the dragon all throughout the game. You want to be able to kill him ASAP, since you're wide open to ganking while you farm him.

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Hello ladies and gents. Sorry for being AFK from the guide for a while. I've been getting back into shape with Udyr and i'll have an update for the guide within a day. Not much has changed btw!

BTW Brussel GJ posting another guide in here. You do know how to create your own thread right? lol

Another person that thinks "You gotta play my way or else you fail" Love it. =]

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Thanks for the discussion in this thread. Its helping me play a passable Udyr now.

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Senior Member


I am under the impression that Attack Speed runes should take up the majority of my rune page. I do like CD runes as well, because of turtle/bear stances. A quick shell/bear can save you often. I used to think trinity force was a must have as my 3rd item...(dorans blade not included), but now I know that maldreads is a must on udyr with all his Attack Speed. Not only that, maldreads is a must against any sort of tank heavy team. I played a very contested game last night and the other team had a very good Singed as well as an Alistair. I did not have maldreads and it showed an obvious lack in my effectiveness. We lost the game, but it was close. The team fights were ridiculous.

Point of strategy that I don't see good Udyrs use that works well for me. If a team fight is initiated....I know I am going to be number one on the target list. Once the fighting is heavy, I cleanse and blink out then run back in. It messes up the target rotation and sometimes forces players to move and take you out of their range. A lot people forget that Bear stance can only stun the same player once every 6 seconds, but it can stun each team member as quickly as you can get to them. I run back in and try to hit at least three members of their team(you can stop a lot of casters this way), then switch to pheonix or turtle depending on my current hp's. If I have maldreads, I will still do a lot of damage from turtle, because it doesn't rely on crit.

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Crimson Binome



That was a dumb question lol* ignore