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need help with jungle yi

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I'm having trouble succeeding with Jungle Yi, I don't have too hard of a time with him in jungle, but once I clear the jungle, have my blue, red, wriggles lantern and boots it seems like i'm just underpowered.

Say, I try to gank mid sivir, the sivir just wrecks me then does more damage as I try to run.

Is there any thing I can do to build my Yi to be stronger early game for fighting?


armor pen Quints
hp/lvl seals
armor pen marks
mana regen/level glyphs

Note: I can't really change my runes for him since hes a situational champion I rarely play, need my rune pages for other champs. But if these runes, or something else, is why I'm hving trouble with him I'd certainly like to know to practice with him with different runes in normal. Thanks.