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Item and skill build for udyr?

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Im really confused.
Please help, or else i wasted 3150 ip.

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always always always jungle
run arp reds
armor yellows
mp5 or magic resist blues
health quints
cloth armor + health pots, turtle stance. go to blue buff pop turtle and a health pot as damage comes in.get tiger stance then grab wolves, double golems, wraiths. blue pill or go to enemy wolves and blue pill then grab lizard and what ever is up from there, you want to focus your turtle stance, 1 point in bear by lvl 4 (since udyr doesnt have an ult he can gank lanes easily)
once you get madreds razors you should be zooming through jungle with ease, once you get lvl 1 boots you should start ganking as many lanes as possible, and buying wards for counter jungler/ enemy ganks
Item build
wriggles lantern
boots ( normally merc treads)
tri force
banshees veil
normally the game is over by this point. if not, grab some more AD items. black cleaver, blood thirster etc. your tiger stance will RAPE face, udyr is a hard champ to play/master he was easily the hardest for me

always build a wriggles lantern,