Mundo mundo mundo

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So, I'm very curious why Dr. Mundo hasn't been made FOTM yet. After the nerfs across the board to tanky dps characters, I noticed the one character they left relatively untouched was Dr. Mundo. His laning phase is bananas. Like Arrested Development bananas. Every time I walk to my lane as Mundo against a team with one carry and/or 1-2 ignites, I feel my testes drop further. This could be problematic when wearing shorts since I really enjoy a Mundo game a few times a week, but that's another issue.

I've heard all of the "Mundo is god-awful" arguments. I'm not saying he's the coolest thing since sliced bread. But build a tiny bit of attack speed on the guy, a Spirit Visage, and a health/regen survivability item like Randuin, and watch how easy it is to beat carries into the ground. People always say "You can just ignore him in a teamfight". That's a lot harder to do when he's barreling at you like the roid-induced purple ****** that he is. He's a pain to take down, and he requires focus. When your team focuses the Mundo, you notice that the MF/Ashe/Cait is shooting you in the naughty bits. When you go for the squishy first and try to ignore the Mundo, you notice that your carry is ghosting towards your base like a beaten dog and Mundo is still **** near full health and flinging cleavers with oblivion.

So, as a Mundo player, I'm just wondering why he isn't looked at in a better light. It's really funny to win a game with Mundo solely because you're the only player alive after a team fight on EITHER team and you just solo push while your health comes back to you faster than Tina Turner.